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Continuing Health Care
Continuing Healthcare
Ext: 6137
Urgent Care Link
Ext: 0300 300 1600 Work Mobile: Out of hours 0300 555 1201
Central Referrals – Stellar
Central Referrals
Ext: 0300 303 7301
Cleaners Ext: 5304 Work Mobile: 02179 827481
Clinical Waste Ext: 0203 049 4300 Work Mobile: 079830345504
CLRN Hosted Team Ext: 1446
District Nurses Loughton Ext: 7327 Work Mobile: 0208 2724616
Estates Ext: 7456/7807
GP Complaints Work Mobile: 0300 311 2233
Health Visitors (Children) Ext: 7324
Health Protection Team Work Mobile: 0345 155 0069
IT Work Mobile: 02168 246 0731
Learning Disability Team Work Mobile: 01279 621 916
Maple Lodge Bookings Work Mobile: 01268 739 627
Mid Essex CCG Work Mobile: 01245 398 770
NHS England Work Mobile: 0113 824 9106
NHS – request for numbers Work Mobile: 01255 206 001
Payroll Ext: 0844 9312005
Oak Meeting Room Ext: 1428 / 1411
Occupational Health Work Mobile: 01702 385544
Outpatients Ext: 7135
PALS Team Ext: 6122/3
Physio Dept Ext: 7207
Porters Ext: After Hours 07971 568645 Work Mobile: 01279 827481 x5033
Primary Care Support Team Work Mobile: 03330 1402884
Plane Ward Ext: 7205 Work Mobile: 01279 827481
Poplar Ward Ext: 7204 Work Mobile: 01279 827481
Rapid Response Team Ext: 1454
Reception Ext: 6140
EPUT Reception Ext: 7481 Work Mobile: 01279 827481
EPUT Pharmacist Ext: 7101
Smartcard Helpdesk Work Mobile: 0300 303 2735
Speech and Language Work Mobile: 01279 808230
Single Point of Access Work Mobile: 01279 827524
Stellar Healthcare Work Mobile: 0300 3037300 option 1
EPUT Finance Ext: 6087 Work Mobile: 01375 390044
Taxi Service Work Mobile: (01992) 523000 or 571111 or 577888
Aspen Meeting Room Ext: 9125
Patient Transport – East of England Ext: 0300 1232295
EPUT Nurse room 1 Ext: 1506
EPUT Nurse room 2 Ext: 1517
EPUT Nurse room 3 Ext: 1455
Board Room Ext: 1555
Board Room incident phone only Ext: 5844/6159
Building Room 4 Meeting Room Ext: 1419
NHS Property Services Ext: 01992 575050
Oluronke Aderoro Continuing Healthcare Nurse Assessor
Ext: 6137
Redhwan Ahmed Senior Transformation Manager
Ext: 5815 Work Mobile: 07970 257884 Email:
Joseph Ajauyi Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service
Ext: 5867 Work Mobile: 07866918705
Napoleon Albert Social Care Continuing Healthcare
Continuing Healthcare
Ext: 9091
Gaye Alford Primary Care admin
Primary Care Team
Ext: 9106
Mustafa Alsaeid Practice Based Pharmacist (Epping) Work Mobile: 07584 604546/ 07970257872
Dr Amik Aneja GP Board Member (V)
Hazel Angus Senior Pharmacist Ext: 9109 Work Mobile: 07980 910659
Kumari Aravind Technical and Analytical Support Ext: 5832 Email:
Sarah Ashby GP (working with Chloe) Ext: 1476
Dr Liz Aylett Named GP - Safeguarding Children
Safeguarding Children Team
Ext: 6129
Emily Ayres Quality Contracts Manager
Quality Team
Ext: 5868 Email:
Julie Baker Mental Health Unit
Mental Health Unit SMH
Work Mobile: 01279 827483
Frances Barnes Head of Project Finance Ext: 5876
Dr Siobhan Barnes Named GP Safeguarding Children Team
Safeguarding Children Team
Ext: 6129
Carl Bates Head of Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence team
Ext: 5836
Anna Beeston Stella Healthcare
Stellar Healthcare
Work Mobile: 01992 660261
Helen Biss Office Manager
Continuing Healthcare
Ext: 6137
Dawn Bollingbroke Mental Health Quality team Ext: 6120 Work Mobile: 07816 586438
Peter Boylan Specialist Advisor to the Board for Clinical Quality (NV)
Andrea Brewis Rapid Response Lead Ext: 9149 Work Mobile: 07939 974730
Naomi Brooks Executive Assistant to Christine Moss Ext: 6158
Christine Brown Contracts Admin Ext: 6127
Kate Brown Executive Assistant to Peter Wightman Ext: 6151
Lori Brown Senior Administrator Ext: 9132
Tracy Brown Ext: 9151 Email:
Michelle Bullman Head of Operations
Ext: 5816 Work Mobile: 07504 383857
Danny Canning Urgent Care team Ext: 5814
Louise Cawrey Quality Contracts Support
Nursing and Quality
Ext: 6121 Work Mobile: 01992 566121 (direct line) Email:
CHC Continuing Healthcare team Ext: 6137
Kaye Childs Primary Care Commissioning Officer
Primary Care Commissioning
Ext: 6124 Work Mobile: 07970257881 Email:
Stephanos Christofi Business Intelligence team Ext: 5839
Sharon Church EA to Director of Finance, Contracting and Performance
Finance, Contracting and Performance
Ext: 6141 Work Mobile: 01992 566142 (direct dial) Email:
Jacquie Clements Executive Assistant to the Director of ICP Development and Transformation Work Mobile: 07435 553725 Email:
Paula Clugston Primary Care Ext: 9131 Work Mobile: 07918 336084
Toni Coles Director of Transformation (V)
Board & Executive Team
Toni Coles Director of Integrated Care Partnership Development Ext: 5805 Work Mobile: 07795640476
Sharon Cooper EoE HOS Regional Lead / Contracts Manager
Finance, Contracting and Performance
Ext: 6134 Email:
Claire Cowdery Primary Care Ext: 5824
Kelly Curtis Stellar
Work Mobile: 01992 660264
Richard Damptey Continuing Healthcare Nurse Specialist Ext: 9108
Sarah Danahar Clinical Effectiveness Ext: 6149
Navdeep Dhutty Meds Management Ext: 6144
Sue Dikmen Financial Accountant Ext: 6146 Work Mobile: 01376 531093
Rizwana Dudhia Practice Based Pharmacist (Uttlesford) Work Mobile: 07967 790155
Hans-Blix Duodu
Financial Accounting Officer, Finance
Ext: 1404
Caroline Durell Joint Co-ordinating Manager, Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service Ext: 5871
Pat Edmans Senior Management Account Ext: 6135
Lara Ellison Prescribing Support Dietician Ext: 9123 Work Mobile: 07773 303 748
Liz Emmett Child Death Review Rapid Response Ext: 1454
Angela Evans Dentistry Calls Primary Care Work Mobile: 0113 8249057
Delyth Ford Population Health Management
Corporate Services
Ext: 5846 Work Mobile: 07970 675588 Email:
Duncan Forsyth Secondary Care Consultant (V)
Rosalind French Head of Children, Young People and Maternity Commissioning, Nursing and Quality
Children, Young People & Maternity Commissioning
Ext: 5874 Work Mobile: 07866 818035
Stephen Fry Assistant Director of Performance Ext: 6130 Work Mobile: 07814 517895
Amber Gale Financial Accountant
Ext: 6132 Email:
Steven Gale Quality Support
Quality Team
Ext: 5858
Risha Gandecha Practice Based Pharmacist south Uttlesford Work Mobile: 07769 303614
Sarah Gascoigne Executive Assistant to the Director of ICP Development and Transformation Work Mobile: 07435 554711 Email:
Iain Gear Patient Records Work Mobile: 01245 594515
Dr Rob Gerlis Chair and GP Board Member (V)
Board & Executive Team
Ext: 5803
Emily Ghose
Soumia Gillman Med Optimisation Pharmacist Ext: 1445
Lisa Gosling System Assurance and Performance Officer Ext: 6154
Bobbie Graham Lay Member – Patient and Public Engagement (V)
Jo Greeves PA to Safeguarding Children Ext: 5860 Work Mobile: 01992 566129
Debbie Griggs Deputy Director of Finance, Contracts and Performance Ext: 6153
Hakan Guvan Business Intelligence team Ext: 1464
Antony Hale Senior Transformation Manager – Planned Care Pathways, Transformation Ext: 5817
Jackie Hall Receptionist / Business Administrator
Ext: 6140 Email:
Louise Hall Assistant Director of Transformation Ext: 5810 Work Mobile: 07989 431320
Elizabeth Hall Continuing Healthcare Ext: 6136
Dr Jane Halpin Accountable Officer (V) Email:
Michelle Hargie Primary Care Admin Ext: 5826
Emma Harnett Macmillan Primary Care Nurse Facilitator
Primary Care Development and Cancer Team
Work Mobile: 07974 246200 (Mon and Wed only) Email:
Lucy Haughian Quality Ext: 6129
Beverly Hayward Primary Care Manager Ext: 5827 Work Mobile: 07773 033697
Dr Angus Henderson Clinical Vice Chair (V)
Ext: 5842
Angus Henderson GP Clinical Commissioner Ext: 5842
Sandra Herbert Programme Lead Ext: 5813 Work Mobile: 07814 455178
Clodagh Hewins Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service
Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service
Ext: 5866 Work Mobile: 07866 918699
Alan Hicks Head of IT Transformation
Estates and IT Support Officer Primary Care, Estates and IT
Ext: 9126 Work Mobile: 07970257880 Email:
Judy Hiscott Transformation Admin
Ext: 6138
Laura Huntley Continuing Healthcare Business Manager
Continuing Healthcare
Ext: 6139 Email:
Marion Jones Primary Care Manager
Primary Care Team
Ext: 5822 Work Mobile: 07816 530022
Rachael Keene Children, Young People and Maternity Commissioning Manager
Children's and Maternity team
Ext: 5875
Louise Kennedy Child Death Administrator Ext: 9115
Angela Kenny Senior Commissioning Pharmacist Ext: 5830 Work Mobile: 07583 682409
Luam Kidane Marie Curie Delivering Choice Ext: 1440
Stephen King Lay Member – Governance (V)
Jane Kinniburgh Director of Nursing and Quality (V)
Board & Executive Team, Director, Nursing & Quality Team
Ext: 5873 Work Mobile: 07580 904768
Jennie Knight Programme Manager Transformation
Ext: 5819 Work Mobile: 07896 818505
Dr Kugan Geetha Designated Doctor (Safeguarding)
Safeguarding Children Team
Ext: 6129 Work Mobile: 0777 3965634
Dr Shawarna Lasker GP Board Member for Epping Forest (V)
Louise Laskowski
Work Mobile: 01992 566130
Karoline Lye Patient Experience team
Quality Team
Ext: 9148
Julia Lyme Continuing Healthcare Nurse Assessor
Continuing Healthcare
Ext: 6137
Robert Machiri Business Intelligence team Ext: 5840
Anne Mansfield Contracts Manager Ext: 5880
Cathy Mansfield Senior Transformation Manager Neighbourhoods and Older People Services Ext: 5829
Tracy Manzi Assistant Director Primary Care and Localities Ext: 5834 Work Mobile: 07973 788855
Andrew Marendaz Head of Financial Planning Ext: 9088
Jane Marley Governance team (based in Chelmsford) Work Mobile: 07854 441295
Sue Massey Quality and Safeguarding Ext: 5863
Sarah Matin CHC Nurse Assessor Ext: 6137
Julliet Matinge Care and Treatment Review Manager Ext: 6120
Juliet Matunge CETR Manager Quality TEam Ext: 5870
Melanie Mavers Clinical Quality Specialist
Quality Team
Ext: 5859
Judith McArthy Continuing Healthcare Placements team Ext: 1443
Maxine McCarthy Nurse Assessor Ext: 1484
Suzi McCarthy Primary Care Ext: 5820
David McConnell Lay Member – Primary Care (V)
Paula Mead Governance team (based in Chelmsford) Work Mobile: 07854 441295
Sandra Middlehurst PAH Work Mobile: 01278 827080
Liz Milne Primary Care Manager Ext: 5821
Naomi Money Medicines Team Administrator
Primary Care - Medicines Optimisation
Work Mobile: 07436 424628 Email:
Vanessa Moore Information Analyst, Business Intelligence team Ext: 5841
Victoria Moore Pharmacy team Ext: 5831
Dr Christine Moss Chief Medical Officer (V)
Board & Executive Team
Ext: 5843 Work Mobile: 07956 386468
Stephen Muggridge Contracts Manager
Performance and Contracts
Ext: 6125 Email:
Patrick Muhera CHC Mental Health Nurse Ext: 9097
Christine Muirden Children’s Safeguarding Ext: 5862
Charlotte Mullins Population Health Management Ext: 5845 Work Mobile: 07970 675596 Email:
Fikile Mwenifumbo Communications Officer
Ext: 5867
Gertrude Ndindana Continuing Healthcare Nurse assessor Ext: 6137
Grant Neofitou Assistant Director of Pathway Transformation, Transformation team Ext: 5808 Work Mobile: 07854 604532
June Okochi Head of PMO
Programme Management Office
Ext: 5847 Work Mobile: 07970 257886 Email:
Salma Olath Contract Management Accountant Ext: 5878
Lauren Oldershaw Senior Communications and Engagement Officer
Work Mobile: 07385 393989 Email:
Dannii Owens Governance Officer
Ext: 9129 Email:
Sandra Owens PA EPUT Work Mobile: 01279 827479
Maggie Pacini Consultant in Public Health (NV)
Work Mobile: 07921 397122
Amelia Pallas-Smith Stellar Healthcare Work Mobile: 01992 660262 Email:
Prashant Patel Pharmaceutical Advisor Ext: 6144 Work Mobile: 07855 112570
Dr Ian Perry GP Board Member (V)
Christine Perry Stellar Work Mobile: 01992 660276
Isobel Perryman Continuing Healthcare Nurse Assessor Ext: 6137
Louis Pipe Project Analyst
Ext: 9114 Email:
Sandra Pite Stellar
Alan Pond Chief Finance Officer
Primary Care Support team GP payments, new patients, cervical screening etc Work Mobile: 03330 1402884
Rapid Response team Andrea Brewis, Liz Emmett, Lynda Sumer, Louise Kennedy Ext: 1454
Jo Reay Mental Health Ext: 5807
Reception Ext: 6140
Sian Rees Community Dentist, Epping Forest Unit Ext: 5464 Work Mobile: 01279 827481
Geoff Roberts Assistant Director, IT and Estates Development Ext: 9134 Work Mobile: 07580 592113
Steff Roberts Senior Communications Officer
Work Mobile: 07580 904773 Email:
Chanuri Rodrigo Contract Accountant Ext: 6152 Email:
Anurita Rohilla Chief Pharmacist Ext: 5833 Work Mobile: 07980 912458
Clare Romain Admin Medicine Management Ext: 9101 Work Mobile: 01992 566149
Anita Root Designated Nurse, Safeguarding Children and LAC
Nursing and Quality
Work Mobile: 07854 415999 Email:
Elise Ryan Financial Services Officer
Financial Services
Ext: 9113 Email:
Safeguarding Children Clinical Network team Safeguarding Children Clinical Network team Ext: 1455
Cathy Saunders Contracting Administrator Ext: 5877
Lara Segovia Special Cases Officer Ext: 6150 Work Mobile: 01992 566150
Ila Shah Senior Contract Accountant Ext: 1433
Aamir Shaikh Practice Based Pharmacist Ext: 6144
Natasha Sharda-Kalia
Programme Management Office
Ext: 5848
Munya Shonhiwa Continuing Healthcare Nurse Specialist Ext: 6137
Dawn Slater Children, Young People and Maternity Administrator
Children, Young People & Maternity
Ext: 6120 Email:
Josephine Smit Head of Primary Care Development
Primary Care
Ext: 5828 Work Mobile: 07768 070902 Email:
Debra Smith Executive Assistant to Director of Corporate Services
Corporate Services
Ext: 6142 Email:
Lucy Smith Continuing Healthcare Administrator Ext: 9144
Theresa Smith Quality Lead Primary Care
Quality Team
Ext: 5861
Terry Spearing
CHC Placements Team
Ext: 9137
Natalie Stack CHC
Continuing Healthcare
Ext: 9133 Work Mobile: 07580 904813
Jessica Steele Transformation Manager
Primary Care Transformation
Ext: 5825 Email:
Megan Stent CHC
Continuing Healthcare
Ext: 9104
Grainne Stephenson Governance and Risk Manager
Ext: 5857 Email:
Paul Stephenson PMO Support Officer
Programme Management Office
Ext: 5849 Email:
Julie Stewart Executive Assistant to Director of Nursing & Quality
Quality Team
Ext: 6157
Sue Stock Analyst Finance Ext: 9150
Linda Sumner Child Death Review team Ext: 1454
Simone Surgenor Head of Governance and Corporate Services Ext: 5850 Work Mobile: 07775 863266 Email:
Bev Taylor Continuing Healthcare Placements team Ext: 1474
Ian Tompkins Director of Corporate Services (V)
Corporate Services
Ext: 5851 Work Mobile: 07879 335180 Email:
Jolene Truman Estates and IT Support Ext: 5801 Work Mobile: 07789 174292
Marias Van Deluth Business Intelligence team Ext: 5838
Praba Vijayakuma Primary Care Ext: 5809
Alice Vye Senior Transformation Manager
Ext: 9152 Work Mobile: 01992 949152
David Wallace Acting Deputy Director of Nursing & Quality
Quality Team
Ext: 5872
Maureen Watts CHC Invoice Administrator Ext: 6143
Jacqueline Wells IT/Estates Based in the Laurels Work Mobile: 07468 460592
Dr Jen West GP Board Member (V)
Dean Westcott Director of Finance Contracting and Performance / Deputy Chief Officer Ext: 6142
Peter Wightman Managing Director
Board & Executive Team
Ext: 5835
Sue Wood Finance Ext: 5879
Tammy Wood Patient Experience Officer
Quality Team
Ext: 9147
Lorna Woodcock Continuing Healthcare Administrator Ext: 5823
Claire Wootten Continuing Healthcare Nurse Assessor Ext: 6137
Lucy Wright Prescribing Support Pharmacy Technician Ext: 9110
Shiho Yoshioka Practice Based Pharmacist Work Mobile: 07752 14943