Office move consultation

Last reviewed: 1 June 2022, 16:30

The proposal is to relocate from our current office premises at Spencer Close, St Margaret’s Hospital, Epping, Essex, CM16 6TN to Kao Park Offices, London Road, Harlow, Essex, CM17 9NA.

We will also rent satellite office space at Epping Forest District Council (EFDC) Civic Offices, High Street, Epping, Essex, CM16 4BZ. This will allow staff to have options and benefit from agile working.

The space at EFDC will be limited and primarily intended for use by those working closely with the council.

The consultation process runs for 30 consecutive days. It starts on Tuesday 10 May 2022 and closes on Friday 10 June 2022.


This consultation period is a chance for you to share your thoughts on the proposal, ask questions and raise any concerns you may have. Your feedback is valuable and will help shape what comes next, so please do spend time reading through the consultation document and sharing your views. You can do this in a number of ways:

Please submit your feedback by Friday 10 June 2022.

Tours of Kao Park Offices

We are holding tours at Kao Park, Harlow so you (or your team) have the opportunity to view the future accommodation and discuss any questions. See dates and times below:

  • Monday 16 May, 12noon to 1pm
  • Wednesday 25 May, 9am to 10am
  • Wednesday 1 June, 2pm to 3pm
  • Tuesday 7 June, 12noon to 1pm


Kao Park Offices (Building 2, First Floor)
London Road
CM17 9NA

Turn left once you enter the main entrance to Kao Park.


You can park (for free) on the top floor of the multi-storey car park situated next to the main building.

Once parked, please make your way down the stairs and wait outside the car park next to the security office where a member of the consultation working group will meet you and take you to Kao Park’s main reception area.

Covid guidance

PAH has asked that we wear a face covering while moving around the building and follow the usual hand hygiene etc. You can bring your own mask. However, if you forget, they will provide you with one.

Book your place on a tour

Contact Bria Piper via the dedicated office move consultation email address.

If you are unable to make any of these dates, email the office move consultation mailbox and we’ll try and arrange another date.

You can also take a virtual tour of Kao Park. This video was produced by the communications team at The Princess Alexandra Hospital for their staff prior to moving into the building. You can also view photos of the Kao Park Offices.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Staff consultation

Q: People who have been in the office from the start feel they don’t have a voice and that their health and wellbeing is not being considered. Will these members of staff be engaged separately?
A: Your health and wellbeing is our top priority. We want staff to feel comfortable and happy with where they work, so it is important you tell us what your concerns are. That way we can make sure your feedback is included in the consultation evaluation process. There are a number of ways you can have your say. We may be able to answer any questions during the tours of the sites and the FAQs. You can also email

Q: Will we get the chance to visit Kao Park before we complete the consultation process?
A: Yes. The dates are:

  • Monday 16 May, 12noon to 1pm
  • Wednesday 25 May, 9am to 10am
  • Wednesday 1 June, 2pm to 3pm
  • Tuesday 7 June, 12noon to 1pm

If you can’t make these dates or times, please email and we will try and arrange a more suitable time to visit. We can also arrange team visits during these times or at another time to suit.


NEW Q: Is there anywhere to charge an electric car?
A: Yes, there are two electric charging points at the front of the building.

Q: If there are 35 desks available to staff and there are 35 people working at Kao Park on any one day, will there be sufficient room for each member of staff to park their car onsite?
A: Yes, there is a sufficient amount of space for parking for 35+ staff (approx. 130 spaces) on the top floor of the multi-storey car park.

Q: Is there parking at Kao Park, Harlow?
A: West Essex CCG staff (until 30 June) and Hertfordshire and West Essex ICB staff (post 1 July) will have access to parking on the top floor of the multi-storey car park, which is next door to the building we would be working from. Pedestrian access is via stairs to the ground floor. The car park is well lit and there is a security office directly next to the multi-storey car park if you need assistance. There will be no charge for parking at Kao Park for the foreseeable future. This will be kept under review, however, particularly in terms of equity amongst ICB/HCP staff and new ways of working. Visitor parking is at the front of the building in specified parking bays and is free.

Q: Is there disabled parking available at Kao Park?
A: Yes, there are nine disabled parking bays at the front of the building. Please display your Blue Badge when parking.

Q: Is there parking at the Epping Forest District Council (EFDC) offices?
A: CCG staff will not be able to use the free on-site car park at the back of the EFDC offices. We are currently in discussions with the council about appropriate car parking facilities. The nearest car park is the M&S car park which charges at an hourly rate. We will keep everyone updated on the options for parking in Epping.

Travel and transport

NEW Q: What is the nearest train station to Kao Park?
A: Harlow Mill station

Q: Will we be reimbursed for fuel costs?
A: If the change of work location results in increased travel costs to and from work, you will be reimbursed extra daily mileage expenses in accordance with the Agenda for Change Handbook mileage rates. The current rate is 56p per mile. You will need to complete an expenses claim form each time you visit the office. If the new work location is closer to your home, you will not be reimbursed the mileage. The level of reimbursement depends on your length of service at the CCG. See table below:

Length of service Amount of protection
<1 year 0
1-2 years 4 months
2-3 years 6 months
3-4 years 8 months
5 + years 12 months

Q: Is there any public transport from Epping to Kao Park, Harlow?
A: Use the Traveline website to plan your journey.

Q: If we walk or cycle into Kao Park is there anywhere we can freshen up and change?
A: Yes, Kao Park has shower facilities on the same floor as the desks allocated to CCG staff.

Local amenities (Harlow)

Q: Are there any shops within walking distance of Kao Park?
A: There is a large Tesco and other shops within walking distance. There are also petrol stations close by.

Access and security

NEW Q: Do the building access cards log who is in the building (Kao Park)?
A: Yes, your access card will check you in and out of the building on a system.

NEW Q: What hours is the security hut manned?
A: The security hut, situated next to the multi-storey car park, is manned 24/7.

Q: How will we access the building at Kao Park?
A: Permanent access passes will be made up for each member of staff, which you will need to collect from Kao Park.

Q: What time does the Kao Park office open and close?
A: Kao Park is open to use from 7.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. The office is locked by 8pm. Outside of these hours arrangements can be made to access the building for emergency planning incident management purposes.

Meeting rooms

NEW How many privacy pods / small meeting rooms are there?
A: There are four privacy pods (individual rooms) for use by one person. There are two small meeting rooms which hold a maximum of four people. One of these is used as a prayer room, although it can be used for very sensitive/confidential conversations if needed. However, it must not be used as a standard meeting room.

NEW Q: Will we be able to hold hybrid meetings?
A: Yes, you will be able to hold face-to-face meetings as well as have colleagues joining virtually on MS Teams. In each meeting room there is an IT guide. For any other issues, you can speak to the Kao Park Office Manager or speak to reception who will try and get somebody to assist.

NEW Q: Can you book recurring appointments for meeting rooms?
A: Yes, you can book meeting rooms in advance. We will provide more detail on this in due course.

Q: How do we book a meeting room at Kao Park?
A: There is a booking system which can be accessed via the internet or using an app. Meeting rooms can be booked remotely. It is a different system to the one we currently use. PAH colleagues will share details on how to book if we choose to relocate to the site.

Working environment

NEW Q: How often do they test the fire alarm at Kao Park?
A: JPS maintenance carry out a fire alarm test every Tuesday at 11am.

NEW Q: Are there separate offices for senior managers to work in?

A: No, there are not separate offices for senior managers. They would be expected to book a desk in the same way as everyone else.

NEW Q: Can you turn up on the day and still get a desk?
A: Yes, you will have to book your desk when you arrive via the online system (internet or app).

NEW Q: Can you book recurring appointments for desks?
A: Yes, you can book a desk in advance. We will provide more detail on this in due course.

NEW Q: How do we know what desk to book if there aren’t any numbers on them?
A: There is an online booking system which you can access via the internet or using an app. You will be able to select your required desk from a floor plan.

Q: When we visited I asked about sitting on specific desks as we will need to bring a lockable cabinet with us, but the Q&A mentions all the desks will be hot desks. How will this work?
A: All desks will be hot desks. However, we recognise some staff will be on site more than others and we will need to determine arrangements to block book desks when required.

Q: Will the CCG have a dedicated reception desk?
A: No. We will be sharing the reception desk with The Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Q: How do we book a desk at Kao Park?
A: There is a booking system which can be accessed via the internet or using an app. Desks can be booked remotely. It is a different system to the one we currently use.

Q: Will teams have a designated area and will there still be a booking system?
A: Individual teams will not have designated spaces as all desks are hot desks. There will be 35 desks allocated for CCG staff to use in a block, so you can book any of these desks. There is a desk and meeting room booking system which can be done via the internet or using an app on your phone.

Q: With only 25 desks available, is there a maximum number of desks we could have access to?
A: We had previously asked for 25 desks, but following staff concerns that may not be enough, we have gone back to PAH and have secured 10 more desks. We now have 35 desks at our disposal.

Q: Are the 35 desks PAH is offering to make available co-located with them? Will we have privacy?
A: Kao Park offices are open plan so everyone sits together in one large office. However, the office is spacious and there are options to book ‘privacy pods’. There are also small offices you can use if you need to have a very confidential and private conversation. These are on the same floor and just a short walk from the desks allocated to the CCG.

Q: Will we have lockers or somewhere to keep our things?
A: Yes, everyone will be allocated a locker with a key, if we are to move into Kao Park, so you can store your possessions. Even if you only decide to work in the office once in a while, you will still be allocated a locker.

NEW Q: Why don’t the lockers have numbers on them?
A: You will be allocated a locker to keep your possessions in. The lockers are not numbered for security reasons. This is to help protect you and your property being identified.

Q: I use a desk riser at home and at Spencer Close – will I still have one at Kao Park?
A: Desk risers can be made available if required, along with any other special equipment you may need. The provision of these will be based on the outcome of the regular individual risk assessments, to be completed between yourself and your line manager.

IT and phones

NEW Q: Will we have our own printer/photocopier?
A: Yes, we will have our own printer/photocopier and we will provide the paper.

NEW Q: What is a soft phone?
A: A soft phone is a piece of software which allows you to make (and receive) telephone calls over the internet using your laptop, rather than a (landline) phone on your desk.

NEW Q: If we have a dedicated telephone number for people to call our team, how will this work if we use soft phones?
A: This will work in the same way as a landline.

Q: Will arrangements be made so that we can access printers at Kao Park? Could it be arranged that on a specific day IT would be available on site to help with this? Back to the stationery question, do we supply the paper, etc?
A: Yes, we will have a printer at Kao Park and we will supply paper. IT will visit as and when it is necessary.

Q: Will there be a main telephone line for the CCG/ICB?
A: A telephone number for the ICB is still to be determined.

Q: I need two screens to work effectively. Will I have this at Kao Park?
A: Yes, each workstation (desk) has two monitors, a keyboard and a mouse.

Refreshments and kitchen facilities

NEW Q: How many fridges are there?
A: There are four big fridges, so plenty of space to store packed lunches.

Q: What tea and coffee making facilities are there at Kao Park?
A: There are several kitchen areas where staff can make tea and coffee. Tea, coffee, milk and hot chocolate are free to use. There is a hot water tap, cold water tap and a coffee machine that also makes hot chocolate.

Q: Can I heat food up and store things in a fridge?
A: Yes. There is a seated dining area so staff can have their lunch away from their desks. There are microwaves in this room, along with vending machines. There are also fridges in the kitchen areas.

Post and stationery

NEW Q: How will incoming and outgoing post be managed and distributed?
A: Incoming and outgoing post will be managed by reception at Kao Park. The receptionists will distribute any incoming post to the relevant staff.

Q: Will we have access to stationery as we do at Spencer Close? Such as pukka pads and envelopes? Will we have own store of stationery? Who would organise this?
A: Yes, everyone will have access to stationery. How this is organised is yet to be determined.

Q: What arrangements will be made to post letters to patients? The porters currently collect post from Spencer Close.
A: Post can be handed to the main reception at Kao Park, who will post it for you. They will also receive incoming post which will then be distributed to the relevant staff.

Q: What will happen with prescription pads, which are currently delivered to Spencer Close?
A: These will be delivered to Kao Park.

Alternative office accommodation

Q: Could Ivylands be used?
A: No. The demand for space on the St Margaret’s Hospital site for frontline services is high. Subject to ongoing review it’s one of the reasons why we are looking to vacate Spencer Close so it can meet those demands.

COVID-19 guidance

Q: Do I have to wear a face covering while working at Kao Park?
A: Subject to change, masks will need to be worn while walking around the building at Kao Park.


Help and support

If you have any further questions, please email Bria Piper at