Your guide to everyday etiquette for virtual meetings

Few of us will have avoided the “you are on mute” moments, or forgetting the camera is still on during the past six months of largely working from home.

It can also mean adapting, and overcoming, technical issues thrown up by a connection often not as fast as the one at work.

To help with this, the combined CCG groups developed a guidance and etiquette toolkit to help.

This covers a number of different issues working from home can throw up, and how to tackle them.

The advice for getting ready for a meeting includes:

  • Checking equipment works properly
  • Make sure you choose a good place to sit – in front of a window creates a silhouette
  • Dress appropriately and make sure you look professional
  • Position your laptop where you can be seen properly

The guidance also looks at avoiding unwelcome interruptions, by turning off notifications on your phone, and ways of remaining professional at all times.

These include:

  • Avoiding catching up on e-mails
  • Maintaining attention on the meeting taking place at all times
  • Making sure others in the house know you are in an important meeting and must not be disturbed
  • Keeping eye contact with whoever you are speaking to.

view the full virtual meetings guidance here.

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