Work on buildings 2 and 3 gets underway

Take a peek inside at the progress…

Thank you to all colleagues who usually work in buildings 2 and 3 for coming to Spencer Close and removing pedestals/personal items. We know it was short notice so your support is greatly appreciated.

Building 1 is now joining 2 and 3 as a site for COVID-19 vaccinations. Building 1 will be used as a PCN site for vaccinating patients, while 2 and 3 will be used as a site for a wider cohort of people. Colleagues in building 1 will be coming in to take their personal effects in the next few days and work will begin early next week.

This week, work on converting buildings 2 and 3 into a COVID vaccination site got started. As these pictures show, the flooring is now coming up to be replaced with flooring that is suitable for a clinical environment.


As mentioned in the staff briefing, the deadline for doing this is next Tuesday (24 November), with the expectation the site is ready for use by 1 December.

This does not mean the site will be vaccinating people on 1 December. Instead, it will be ready for when a suitable vaccine is approved for use and the programme begins.

The COVID-19 vaccination programme is the biggest vaccination programme of its kind the NHS has undertaken, so we really appreciate everyone’s support in helping us get organised and ready.

The current situation is likely to continue for some time so we ask that everyone who can work from home to continue to work from home. If you have been coming into the office, please speak to your line manager so new arrangements can be made.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the work and vaccinations. In the meantime, if you have any questions take a look at the COVID vaccination centre page on AskHUE. You can also email the Communications team.

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