Windows 10 upgrade

How to check if your laptop’s operating system needs updating….

The time is now to check if your laptop needs an upgrade as certain versions of Windows 10 are set to go ‘end of life’.

If it needs an upgrade, and does not get one, it could become vulnerable to issues caused by cyber security threats.

You also won’t receive any more security updates, patches or technical support from Microsoft so it is important to do it as soon as possible.

To find out if your device is an ‘1809 build’ which needs upgrading, check your computer’s background.

It will look like the below, stating it is ‘Windows 10 Enterprise 1809’, if you need to upgrade:

You can then follow the simple “how to” guide which has been put together to help you upgrade to the latest Operating System (20H2).
There are different versions of Windows 10 in use, so if your desktop doesn’t look like the above example, you can check if you need to upgrade via the Portal Manager. Instructions on how to do this are in the guide.

During the upgrade you need to bear in mind:

  • There will be no change to your data and software. All your current configuration will remain the same
  • Before you start the installation process, make sure you save all your work
  • As part of the installation process your laptop will need to reboot, which could take up to an hour to complete and as you will not be able to use your laptop, make sure you choose an appropriate time to carry out the update to avoid any interruptions to your work

Arden & GEM regularly release updates to ensure your laptop is protected against cyber security threats.

As a result, you may get asked to reboot your laptop on more than one occasion.

Automatic installation could now take place, so it is a good idea to do it yourself to be able to ensure it happens at a convenient time.

If you have any questions about the upgrade, email your line manager in the first instance.

If required, please escalate to our AGEM Head of Service Delivery, John Hamblin.

If you have any issues or need further support through the process, please raise a ticket via the IT Self Service Portal.

You can also call the AGEM Essex Service Desk on 0300 123 1020.

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