Windows 10 and Skype instant messaging is coming

Find out what you need to do to prepare for the new software installation…

Why are we doing this?

As part of plans to improve our IT systems, AGEM is upgrading our operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

This will take place between Monday 16 March and Friday 27 March 2020. Upgrading all our corporate laptops and devices with the new software during this timeframe means we also meet a national deadline.

As part of the migration, you will have Skype for Business installed on your device/laptop. This will provide you with an instant messaging service.

We will be offering some Skype training sessions once migration is complete.

What this will mean for you

  • Your laptop will be re-built with the new software, which should take approx. three hours to install.
  • During this time the engineer will work at your desk and you will need to be on hand to input passwords etc, so please stay in the vicinity. If you don’t, the engineer will struggle to configure the laptop to your preferences.
  • A loan laptop will be available during the migration if required.

Preparing for migration – what you need to do

The details below set out what you must do to prepare for the migration.

  • Tidy your mailbox by cleansing / filing emails or by archiving to PST files. If you have any concerns, please call Alan Hicks on ext 9126. The bigger the Outlook file, the longer the migration will take.
  • You must check whether you have any files saved on your C drive, such as:
    • documents on your desktop
    • photographs in the Pictures folder
  • You will need to move these files to your personal (P) drive or remove them from your laptop before the migration. The engineer will not migrate anything from your C drive. It is your responsibility to move any files from this drive. You could risk losing these files if they are not migrated.
  • Make a note of any shared calendars, folders or email addresses you access. This is so you can check you have access to everything after the migration.
  • Make sure you know your current Windows account login and passwords for the set-up. These may contain letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Remember your printer PIN code. All printers will need to be re-mapped on each device following the migration.

Following migration – logging in to your laptop/device

  • You will be able to login to your migrated laptop/device using your surname/first three letters of your first name. For instance, Alan Hicks would be ‘hicksala’ or your ‘’.
  • You will also need to re-enter your username and password for remote access. This will be ‘’.

Help and support

During the migration process, AGEM engineers will be onsite for the two-week period to resolve any issues.

There will also be a floor-walking engineer in Spencer Close the week after migration (w/c 31 March) to capture any issues as they arise.

Please email, in the first instance, if you experience any problems. You also contact the IT helpdesk on 0300 123 1020, who will be able to assist.

In the meantime, if you have any questions at this stage, please email Alan Hicks or Jolene Truman.

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