Will you be making a New Year’s resolution?

For many of us a new year usually gets us thinking about what changes we can make in our lives. What are your New Year resolutions?

Are you going to stop drinking for Dry January or start getting active to lose a few pounds?

With this in mind, have you considered how you could help out your colleagues in 2019? Here are some suggestions:

  • Check your details are correct on the telephone directory so people can find you
  • Use an auto signature on all emails, whether it’s internal or external. Include your company mobile number, if you have one, so people can also get hold of you
  • General housekeeping of emails, files and folders – why not set aside some time each week to tidy these up? It will help keep things in order and make information easier to find
  • Complete the mandatory training modules via the ESR portal – it will affect your appraisal outcome.

If you have any other New Year resolution suggestions, let the Communications team know or post a comment below.

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