Webinars to help you find your recipe for stress-free life

Getting energised the Optima way…

We could all do with a bit of help on how to get the best out of ourselves.

Achieving that is easier said than done in these increasingly uncertain times.

Having lived the life the Optima Way, as he describes it, for 10 years Simon Shepard established his own balance programme designed to help NHS professionals.

Since then he has worked with more than 100 trusts cross the NHS to help deliver his own findings – and give everyone the tools to achieve the same in their own lives.

And now he is bringing that knowledge to us at West Essex CCG, beginning with the first of five specially designed webinars tomorrow (Friday 6 November).

“It gives people a time out, a chance to stop, re-set and move on while also giving them an idea of developing a personalised recipe for themselves.”

The opening webinar will give an overview of the programme and offer a timely insight into the inner workings of stress.

“It is interesting how one person might be extremely stressed about something one day, but feel completely different the next day,” says Simon.

The following week, on Friday 13 November, the subject will be sleep and its huge importance in our lives, followed by developing resilience to cope with everything happening in the world, on Friday 20 November.

Friday 27 November will look at the importance of healthy eating and exercising.

And the series finishes on Friday 4 December by busting a few myths surrounding multi-tasking and focusses on productivity in our lives.

For more information, including how to book your place on one of the above webinars, visit the Events calendar on AskHUE.

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