Upgrade to Windows 10 20H2

A forced upgrade will take place from Monday 29 November on all affected devices…

Many of you will have already checked your laptop and upgraded to the latest version of Windows 10 – but if you have not already done this, it will now happen automatically.

Certain versions of Windows 10 will soon be unsupported meaning they will post a cyber-risk – the upgrade will protect it from malware threats.

From this Monday (29 November), if it is needed and you have not already done it, the forced 20H2 update will take place during the working day.

If any of the devices you use show the following message on your desktop, you will not be affected:

You may already know your computer needs this if the below background has appeared on your device – it will only show on those needing the update.

To help the upgrade go as smoothly as possible, please leave any devices (with the red background message on the desktop) on overnight each night of next week.

Although you will not be shutting the device down, it is very important you reboot it and have it switched on by 8pm each evening, you are connected to the internet (VPN is not necessary) and a power source – you do not have to be logged in.

At approximately 9pm each evening, all Windows 10 devices running version 1809 (or lower) or 1909, will automatically begin the 20H2 installation process.

The device will reboot as required during the update, without any intervention needed and at the start of every morning you are strongly recommended to reboot again.

Once complete, your laptop will have been upgraded to 20H2, the latest version, and will show the Windows 10 Enterprise 2009 on the desktop.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, call the Arden and GEM IT helpdesk on 0300 123 1020.

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