Understand how your health and wellbeing impacts on your overall performance

Get you personalised health and wellbeing profile today…

A questionnaire designed to help you focus on your health and wellbeing has been launched here at West Essex CCG.

You have the opportunity to use the Optima-life energy and performance profile questionnaire which, once completed, evaluates the way you think, work, recover, eat and exercise.

It does this by producing a personalised, confidential, report based on your answers which help you understand your overall performance at home and at work.

It also provides information across 16 key traits to help you understand yourself better and be able to look at where potential changes could improve your health and wellbeing.

The survey is structured under four separate headings:

  • Psychology (the way you think)
  • Productivity (the way you work)
  • Physiology (the way you move and eat)
  • Recovery (the way you recharge)

Only you will be able to see your personalised report. An anonymous aggregated report, highlighting the disconnects between knowledge and actions, will be collated to help the CCG understand how best to support staff with further health and wellbeing programmes.

You have until Monday 30 November to access the questionnaire.

It is also possible to access webinars explaining how to use the resource via ESR. We will publish these details on AskHUE shortly.

If you have any queries about this resource, please contact the CCG Training team.

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