The new BAME Leadership development programme – ‘Stepping up programme’

A new exciting programme called ‘Stepping up programme’ has made its way to West Essex CCG for all band 5’s, 6 and 7’s, sponsored by NHS Leadership Academy. The programme has been set up for BAME leaders and aspiring BAME leaders for added support in the progress of their careers.

Practical information
The programme provides a combination of face to face, self-directed and workplace based learning. The duration of the programme is two to three months across four or five dates depending on your banding. A three day and two day face to face workshop for those at band 7, and two modules of two days each for those at bands 5 and 6.

What are the aims?
The aim of the programme is to create greater levels of inclusion within the NHS by addressing the social, organisational and psychological barriers restricting BAME colleagues from progressing within the NHS by:

  • Highlighting the importance of having BAME leaders as role models to help inspire others to progress into more senior roles
  • Raising awareness and understanding of inclusion by bringing it to the forefront of all NHS Leadership Academy communications to ensure a positive impact on the health and care system
  • Developing senior leaders in the NHS who will lead effectively, creating and embedding organisational inclusive cultures
  • Working on changing the racial dynamics of an organisation to create a deeper level of understanding to help change

The Stepping Up programme is not just about the development of individuals; it is an initiative designed to influence the development of more inclusive cultures in the NHS as a whole. The programme seeks to provide a leadership experience that can assist participants to effectively develop their leadership ability and not address the particular challenges that BAME leaders face.

Under the provisions of positive action, The Equality Act 2010 allows service providers to take action that may involve treating one group more favourably, where this is a proportionate way to help members of that group overcome a disadvantage or participate more fully. Organisations may lawfully take measures to meet special needs or to train, develop or encourage people from a racial group that is under-represented in particular types of work – for example, senior leadership positions in the NHS.

What are the benefits?
Some of the benefits you can get from participating in the Stepping up Programme are:

  1. Prepare and develop for more senior leadership roles within the NHS
  2. Challenge the diverse environment you work in to make transformational change
  3. Develop the knowledge, experience and skills to help your organisation create an inclusive culture; and to also help you influence change across wider healthcare
  4. Empower you to become a role model to help inspire development and progression of others

How do I apply?
Before applying, you’ll need to seek the support of your line manager and organisation as they will be required to support you throughout the programme. Applications for the Stepping Up programme is now open until Wednesday 12 February 2020 via NHSx – NHS Leadership Academy.

Due to the high level of interest for the Stepping Up programme, applications will be assessed on a first come, first served basis.

Further information and support
For more information on this process, call 0113 322 5699 or email the leadership academy.

Please refer to the following flyers for further guidance:

“The NHS Leadership Academy is helping to develop senior BAME leaders in health and care with a number of inclusion programmes and interventions. The Stepping Up programme forms part of this important work.” Tracie Jolliff, Director of Inclusion, NHS Leadership Academy

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