Taking time off during the coronavirus pandemic

The latest advice and guidance from HR on special leave and annual leave…

Special leave

We are aware there are a number of you who have been experiencing difficulties carrying out your full duties because you’re caring for someone at home during lockdown. Some of you have been unable to work at all throughout this period. Where this has been the case, we have followed the Government guidelines. The current guidance states the following…

What happens if I need time off work to look after someone else?

If working from home is not possible in the circumstances, in line with our Special Leave Policy you are entitled to request Carers Leave supported by your annual leave and additional unpaid leave if required. This would apply to situations such as if you have children and you need to look after or arrange childcare for them because their school has closed.

As a result of concerns being raised by staff that this could potentially disadvantage those with caring responsibilities, we have taken the decision to extend the provisions of the Special Leave Policy. We will continue to consider individual circumstances until 30 June, when we will review the situation again.

Annual leave

Even during these challenging and busy times, it’s still important to take time off work to rest and relax.

We also don’t want to get towards the end of the financial year and have everyone trying to take leave at the same time – when it might not be possible to do so.

We would therefore urge you to consider planning ahead and use your annual leave before the end of the year.

If you have any queries or concerns, please email ccg.hradvisory@nhs.net.

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