Take a back sweet

As we continue with Jump Start January, we want to share some sugar facts with you ready for Sugar Awareness Week next week (20-26 January).

10 examples of the sugar content in some of our favourite foods

  1. Branston Pickle – 21.6 sugar cubes
  2. HP The Original Sauce – 24.5 sugar cubes
  3. Kellogg’s Disney Frozen Cereals – 18.4 sugar cubes
  4. Tesco Cranberry Juice Drink – 3.1 sugar cubes
  5. Robinsons Orange No Added Sugar (1L) – 1.5 sugar cubes
  6. Batchelors Cup a Soup with Croutons Chicken and Vegetable Soup – 0.3 sugar cubes
  7. Heinz Beanz – 4.9 sugar cubes
  8. Marmite Squeezy (400g) – 0.5 sugar cubes
  9. Vita Coco Natural Coconut Water with Peach and Mango 330ml – 5 sugar cubes
  10. Oatly Oat Drink (1L) – 10 sugar cubes

Here’s what you can do to jump start your journey to reduce your sugar intake.

Try some of the following sugar swap ideas.

Cereal swaps

  • Swap from – frosted flakes, honey crunch or chocolate cereal
  • Swap to – wholegrain cereal, porridge or no added sugar muesli

Drink swaps

  • Swap from – fizzy drinks, juice drinks or milkshakes
  • Swap to – water, lower-fat milks, water or sugar free / no added sugar drinks

Snack swaps

  • Swap from – cake, sweets or chocolate
  • Swap to – fresh fruit, chopped veggies or plain rice cakes

Yoghurt swaps

  • Swap from – split pot yoghurts or higher-sugar yoghurts
  • Swap to – fromage frais pots, lower-sugar or plain natural yoghurts

So why not make a swap the next time you shop!

Visit the Change4Life website for more food facts and recipes.

Even if you’re out and about, you can even get sugar smart information on the go!

  • Sugar smart shopper app – scan barcodes using the app to find out what’s inside popular food and drink.
  • Sugar calculator – use the sugar calculator for a quick check on how much sugar is in some of our everyday food and drinks.

How does sugar in our diet affect our health? Check out the NHS website for further details.

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