Substance misuse advice and support services

While some may be excited at coming out of lockdown, others may be filled with anxiety at the prospect of returning to the “new normal”. For the past year going to our workplaces, seeing family and friends and being around large groups of people has been off limits. As restrictions continue to lift, this can suddenly seem very daunting.

At times like this, turning to drink and drugs to manage our difficult thoughts and feelings is very easy and something to be aware of. Giving up drinking and drug use after a lengthy period can be extremely difficult because the body is so use to functioning with the substance. Dealing with the come down is one thing but learning to stop entirely is a whole different story. There is no magic pill or quick fix, it takes getting the right support, time and hard work.

You don’t have to go on this journey alone. There are lots of services you can access, some of which we’ve listed below,  to help you overcome this.

Our NHS has information for getting help for drug and alcohol addictions.


Frank is a helpline for anyone concerned about drug or solvent misuse.

Call the 24 hour helpline on 0300 123 6600 or visit their website for more information.


Release is a free and confidential drugs helpline (0207 324 2989) that also provides free legal advice on drug issues for people who use drugs and their families.


Addaction provide a free, confidential webchat service to those in need of addiction support or for their families.


Families Anonymous

Families Anonymous is a telephone helpline (020 7498 4680) and other support services for families and friends of drug users. Throughout the UK there are around 50 groups offering help and support to members via a 12 step programme.


DrugFam is a telephone (0300 888 3853) and email support for families, friends and partners affected by someone else’s drug or alcohol use.

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