Staff survey results

The 2019 national NHS staff survey results are now available…

Thanks to everyone who responded to the survey. We had a great response, with 85% of you taking part to let us know your thoughts.

You can see the CCG’s results in full on the dedicated NHS website. Here you can view benchmark, summary and directorate reports. We’ve highlighted some of the areas we’re performing well in, others that need improvement and next steps.

Achievements to celebrate

Positive organisational experience:

  • 84% of staff confirmed care of patients/service users is top priority for WECCG, compared to 82% in 2018 and 75% nationally.
  • 74% of staff would recommend WECCG as a place to work, compared to 67% in 2018 and 65% nationally.
  • 60% of staff confirmed that communication between senior management and staff is effective, compared to 48% in 2018 and a national average of 53%.


  • 92% of staff at WECCG reported feeling they are trusted to do their job, compared to 82% in 2018 and 87% in other CCGs.
  • 88% of staff reported they are able to make suggestions to improve the work of their team/department, compared to 85% in 2018 and 81% nationally.
  • 83% of staff reported they feel their role makes a difference to patients/service users compared to 77% in 2018 and a national average of 77%.
  • 88% felt supported by their immediate manager, compared to 79% in 2018 and 77% nationally.

Health and wellbeing:

  • 32% of staff felt the CCG takes positive action on health and wellbeing, compared to 26% in 2018 and a national average of 33%.
  • 85% of staff felt their manager takes a positive interest in their health and wellbeing, compared to 79% in 2018 and other CCGs averaging at 77%.

Appraisal and training:

  • 97% of staff reported they had an appraisal review in the last 12 months, compared to 84% in 2018 and other CCGs averaging at 82%
  • 73% of staff felt supported by their manager to receive training, learning or development needs identified, compared to 45% in 2018 and a national average of 58%.

Areas for improvement

  • 42% of staff felt senior managers involve them in important decisions, compared to 41% in 2018 and a national average of 50%.
  • Only 30% of staff reported the organisational values were discussed at their appraisal/performance review, compared to 30% in 2018 and a national average of 35%.

Flexible working:

  • 55% of staff felt there were opportunities for flexible working patterns.

Health/wellbeing/safety at work:

  • 28% of staff reported they felt pressure from their manager to come to work when not feeling well enough, compared to 15% in 2018 and a national average of 16%.
  • 14% of staff reported having seen errors/near misses/incidents that could hurt patients/service users in the last month, compared to 8% in 2018 and a national average of 8%.

We’d also like to share a letter from Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. The secretary of state has written a thank you letter to all NHS staff, which also focuses on the problem of violence against NHS staff.


  • 19% of staff still reported they experienced harassment, bullying or abuse from other colleagues, compared to 20% in 2018 and a national average of 14%.
  • 11% reported feeling harassment, bullying or abuse from managers, compared to 13% and a national average of 12%.
  • 42% had reported their last experience of harassment/bullying/abuse compared to 50% in 2018.

This year, we asked an additional question to gain a better understanding of any ongoing bullying/harassing/abusive behaviours. This data is due to be released on Friday 28 February. We’ll share this with you as well, as the information should help identify any further work we need to take forward and address together.

Next steps

We’ve already got some great examples of things we’ve done, and will continue to build on, following the results of the 2018 staff survey:

  • Set up a Staff Partnership Groupmade up of representatives from departments across the CCG who meet on a monthly basis
  • Introduced a Freedom to Speak Up Champion, David Wallace, within the CCG and delivered training to staff on Stamping Out Bullying
  • Launched a new health and wellbeing campaign(called the 12 months of healthiness) for staff. It focuses on the benefits of staying healthy physically and mentally and the positive impact it can have in the workplace
  • Held ‘Let’s talk flexible working’ workshopsfor managers. These sessions promoted the benefits of flexible working within the CCG
  • Adopted a Time to Change Pledge. The pledge is about changing attitudes and raising awareness of mental health in the workplace
  • Staff awards and recognition. We will be setting up a working group to come up with suggestions for a recognition scheme/awards for staff.

Over the next couple of months, the Staff Partnership Group (SPG) will discuss and identify an action plan for the areas that need improvement. In the meantime, please speak to your SPG rep to give feedback on the results and pass on any further suggestions about how we can take action.

Look out for more information on AskHUE on next steps and how you can get involved coming soon.

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