Staff Survey reminder – making a change

How your views have made a difference…

It might seem difficult to find the time in these increasingly busy weeks to set aside the 15 minutes needed to take part in the annual Staff Survey.

But doing so can, and does, make a difference to how we work with previous survey results leading to the introduction of a number of new initiatives.

This includes ways to help improve mental health and reduce stress such, as the introduction of Mental Health First Aiders.

With 42% of you having reported your last experience of harassment, bullying or abuse remaining the same as the year before, Freedom to Speak Up Champions were introduced.

There are now four fully trained Freedom to Speak up Champions, with Vanessa Moon, Steven Gale and Sarah Gascoigne having recently completed their training to join David Wallace and Freedom to Speak up Guardian Stephen King.

These champions are there to listen, support, signpost and escalate concerns for anyone who might be in a situation where they feel they need support and want to talk to someone. People can talk about anything, from suspected wrong doing, job satisfaction, something happening at home or bullying and harassment.

You can email Vanessa, Steven, Sarah and David directly.

This, and a number of initiatives from the introduction of regular staff and family quizzes and mid-week mindfulness sessions are just a few examples of how your input into previous surveys have influenced change in the CCG.

Which is why we want to hear from you again – you have until Friday 26 November to fill in the survey which should have arrived by email. It will only take around 15 minutes and make a difference to you, your colleagues and the organisation as a whole.

Check your junk folder in Outlook if you do not think you have had it – and email HR as soon as possible if you don’t have your unique link.

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