Staff briefing

Following the all staff briefing today please find below a quick note on announcements.  Apologies in advance for the length, but we wanted to make sure everyone has all the information that was shared.

It’s been quite a busy period for the executive team on a number of fronts so Rob and Andrew began with some important information on two areas:

Joint AO and where we are with appointment

The recruitment process is now completed with interviews held on Monday.

An appointment has been made, but we can’t say anything as yet as the process needs to be completed with NHSE (this could take up to eight weeks).  The person appointed shares the values of what we’re doing in West Essex and this will be one of their priorities on starting.

The stakeholder event last week which was part of the process was very helpful and well represented by us. Rob thanked Lara Segovia, Naomi Brooks and Rochelle Rodney for supporting this event as part of the Staff Partnership Group.

The joint AO will cover all three CCGs in our STP.  They will work to the three boards and support the work of the three organisations as they currently stand.  They will also be the leader of the STP.


Our One Health and Care Partnership fits within the STP plan to change the building blocks of how the NHS, working alongside local government, operates.

As mandated by NHS England all STPs will soon operate along the lines of an integrated care system.  They will become strategic commissioners, hence the single AO. There is also an increasing view that the ICS will support the ICPs being developed.

In each of three systems within our STP we will see alliances between commissioning organisations and providers – the integrated care partnership.  Ours operates on a lead provider sub contracting approach, with the Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust as the vehicle.

NHSE has been attracted to this approach, in a good way! There was a possibility that they would ask us to complete an ISAP (integrated support and assurance process). However, we won’t as they want to see up and running asap.  So a light touch assurance process has now begun.

Once this has been approved there is not much to hold us back from progressing with our plans. It’s a long journey but was can now see light at the end of the tunnel. Once assurance is approved we should be able to operate as a partnership in a more real sense over the next six or seven months.

A couple of questions from staff were asked:

Q? Work based level – we currently link with PAHT and Hertfordshire on safeguarding.  Is it up to us to formulate how it looks in the future?  Yes, and there is a need for proposals on what this could be bearing in mind the wider work of the ESA/SC Boards.

Q? In comparison to other parts of the country, are we doing well? Yes, we are but not everyone is doing it in the same way:

  • Mid and South Essex view is very different –  the three ccgs/district/county are working together but not so much with their local trust.
  • North East Essex,  closer to mid and south approach.
  • Croydon is seen as a trailblazer.
  • Herts Valley, beginning to go down our route
  • East and North Herts, still exploring options

For us, what is also important is that our partners are not just those directly involved in health and care,  but those with links eg colleges, housing, regeneration

Both Andrew and Rob are always around for any questions, either in person or via email.

Mid year appraisals

There have been some queries over the e-appraisal system – it is working.  There is a manual that talks you through it.  It can be found on AskHUE under the HR Performance tab.  We have until 31 January to complete all mid-year appraisals.

Any queries on this need to go to the ODL team.

For any general HR queries please get in touch with Jennifer Brandy

Staff survey

Early indications have been received but we are under a strict embargo until 28 February.

What can be shared is the 85% response rate.  A big thank you to everyone for taking part.

SPG will be taking ownership of what we do with the results, and where can we improve.  We will share further information once the embargo is lifted.


Mandatory training – a request to check your compliance.  If you’re not sure of your compliance please get in touch with ODL by emailing

Impact assessments – there are a lot of them, with low uptake (time out of the diary).  So, it has been agreed that from April they will all be combined into a half day workshop, using scenarios.  Look out for more information in due course.

Information Asset Register

Please reply promptly if you have received information to complete this.


There was an incident on Saturday night, which moved onto the hospital site.  As a result MITIE has increased security, and a two person patrol now takes place from 4pm to 11pm to encourage groups of youths to move on.

We are also working with the community safety team and the police on any further steps that can be taken.  These include looking at CCTV and how we can reduce the fencing to provide less places for concealment.

Quiz night

Tickets are selling fast with 47 tickets sold out of 60.  For £10 you will also get a fish and chip supper, two quiz masters and a fun night out with colleagues.

You only need to bring your own drinks and nibbles.

We are looking for people to volunteer to sell raffle tickets on the night, and for donations for the raffle.  Please get in touch with Judy Hiscott if you would like to submit, or join a team as some are smaller and accepting guest stars.


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