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Welcome – Rob Gerlis

General update – Rob Gerlis

  • Vaccinations update

Stephen Fry

  • COVID levels continue to be low in Harlow, Uttlesford and Epping
  • There is a good allocation of vaccine, the first doses are drying up now, but we are in the position we need to be to take off with second doses
  • Carers are reported as being in the 75 per cent but this may just be an anomaly with the figures.
  • Carl Bates – overall the figure is actually more like 84.6 per cent which is the national average. We are still on course to hit the Government targets which have been put in place

Rob Gerlis

In follow up to two COVID briefing events held last week for Uttlesford and Epping District Councils, as well as answering questions on the day there were a few which came in afterwards from Epping District Council staff which are issues which keep coming up…

Are we likely to get our second vaccinations (or first for those that haven’t had them)? Are there supply issues?

There aren’t any major supply issues and actually there is plenty of vaccine. If you know anyone who is invited and hasn’t taken up the offer then please do urge them to do so.

What are we doing to help fight the fake news on social media?

Ian Tompkins – There is a wealth of information on a number of websites we are signposting people to and we are also working closely with community groups to get the correct messages across, particularly as we move to vaccinate those aged under 50.

Are the vaccines still going through clinical trials? No one knows what the long-term effects are?

Rob Gerlis – What is happening is we are watching the science being played out in the media – science works on data and looking at the changes as it happens – this is normal. The vaccine did go through clinical trials and all the bureaucracy and licensing as it should but data is always being amassed.

Local update – Ian Tompkins

  • For those who had your first jab at PAH, the hospital is vaccinating from 8 April to 14 April. Please make sure you check you have an appointment, as it’s important you receive your second jab. If you haven’t got your appointment booked in between these times, please email
  • Testing continues to be just as important as the vaccination – extended to everyone being entitled to two lateral flow self test kits. There is also talk of people needing two negative tests before they can travel abroad or go to a large scale event.
  • Alongside pubs, gyms, non-essential shops and other venues opening from Monday 12 April, there is also talk of returning to work – the guidelines continue to be to work from home unless it really isn’t possible. This will remain the case for the CCG until at least July.
  • The new year for annual leave has now begun and many people have carried some of this over from last year. If it is yet to show up on your ESR don’t worry, it is in the process of being done. If you have any queries email Agnes Annan or Ian Tompkins.
  • Please ensure you are carrying out appraisals – very important for the organisation and its development going forward.
  • Staff Partnership Group met before Easter and have already done lots of good work regarding the results of the staff survey. As has previously been suggested, at the meeting the idea of bringing more CCG news, not just COVID-related, to the weekly staff briefing sessions was raised. We would like to encourage teams to come and talk at the briefing, in five minutes slots about who they are, and what they do. Please email the Communications team.

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