Staff briefing roundup

Here’s a summary of what was covered in today’s staff briefing…

Rob Gerlis

  • Public board meeting took place last week
  • A patient joined and shared a story about his positive experiences of healthcare in west Essex
  • The independent chair of the Integrated Care System attended
  • We plan to live stream the next board meeting
  • Last week’s recording will soon be available on our website
  • Cycle to work scheme – we can confirm the CCG is now a member of the scheme – details to be published on AskHUE

Primary Care updates (Peter Wightman)

View Peter’s Wightman’s full presentation

  • Medicines management team has been supporting the development on clinical guidelines monitoring medicines that couldn’t been done before but now can
  • Supporting practices on electronic repeat dispensing, so that patients don’t have to visit the GP
  • Priority is supporting the care homes – there is a pharmacist aligned to every care home
  • Hot hubs – have been fairly quiet, if there is a second wave we will be better prepared to see patients with and without COVID symptoms separately
  • It is going to be a process of a gradual move to a new normal rather than a ‘return to normal’
  • There will more virtual consultations – which may take some getting used to for some patients

Ian Tompkins

  • For the CCG externally and internally – it will be a process of a ‘restart’ and ‘rethink’ rather than ‘return to normal’
  • We are working on designs to get these rethink/restart messages across

Return to CCG

  • We are still following government advice to work from home unless you cannot work from home
  • We continue following government, and health and safety guidance on how, when and if people return to work in the office
  • We have started detailed risk assessments of the building and will be carrying out individual working from home assessments
  • Health and safety lead for Princess Alexandra Hospital has completed a risk assessment of the CCG site
  • We will only consider bringing staff back to the Spencer Close when it is safe to do so – currently it is not
  • We need to install hand sanitisers, wipes, perspex screen – these are in high demand
  • Everyone needs to declutter once it’s safe to return
  • Clean desk policy will be introduced – there will be a removal of clutter and some personal items
  • Need to think about where to store stuff, whether we actually need things and doing things more electronically
  • When we return we will only have limited numbers at the CCG at once
  • Staff will not be able to sit opposite each other

Staff questionnaire

  • So far, we have had 124 responses
  • The information collected within the survey will not be shared and remains confidential, and will only be looked at by Jeneva Allison, our HR Business Partner and the HR team
  • Any follow ups will be completed by line managers if need be – this will help inform our risk assessment


  • Government has purchased £10 million test services
  • Five suppliers are involved nationally
  • Only 2/5 have been officially validated by Public Health England
  • Work is in progress for other three to be validated
  • 120,000 antibody tests to be completed by end of June. These will be prioritised for NHS staff and those who work on NHS premises
  • The test will show if you have had it but doesn’t show if you are immune
  • Normal COVID testing still ongoing – please visit


  • We are likely to hear more about a return to school for children later this week although some schools have said they won’t open

Any Other Business

  • Volunteers’ week is next week (1-7 June) – we would like to share some case studies – if you have done any volunteering (formal and/or informal), we would love you to share your experiences. Please email the Comms team
  • Kate Brown shared a lovely story about an elderly couple who, aged 86 and 92 do their own shopping and go for long walks, with a view to doing a charity walk in September.



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