Staff briefing roundup

Welcome – Rob Gerlis

  • Board meeting on Thursday (28 January) – this is the first time all three CCGs will have a board meeting in common. First step of joint working regardless of boundary issues.

General update – Peter Wightman

Vaccination programme

  • Going to strategy from PCN to vaccine centres – second doses will be done at the same place the first doses were given
  • NHS staff vaccine proceeding well – struggling with the care sector in terms of effectively communicating with them to get them to appointments
  • COVID-19 prevalence data – full document to be shared soon
  • Toni Coles – despite being OPEL status 2, we’re still managing crisis. COVID numbers are stabilising, but still high – issue was staffing and sickness rates – has improved this week
  • Emma Nicol -all three acutes in ICS have reported staff returning to work are non-clinical, so still a challenge
  • Josephine Smit – 60 clinics held in PCN – 22k doses of the vaccine have been used
  • Large proportion of over 80s and care homes vaccinated
  • 0ver 79% have been vaccinated (as at 24 January)
  • 61% health and care workers have been vaccinated
  • 43% – 75-79 year-olds have been vaccinated
  • Moving onto 74-year-olds
  • ICS performing well across east of England
  • Claire Cowdery – decline/did not attend (DNA) rate is very low – 1.2% Harlow
  • Anurita – PCN vaccine, the complexity around booking and deliveries causing problems
  • First to come online and managing patient expectations has been difficult – working on comms plan to answer patient queries
  • Care home staff – logistics of getting care home staff to the sites
  • Opening of Harlow Leisurezone to patients in the priority cohorts today (26 January)
  • The site opened to health and care staff yesterday
  • Invitation to the site is via a national NHS letter sent directly to patients
  • If patients do not want to go to a large vaccination site like Harlow Leisurezone, they can wait to be contacted by their GP
  • Work is ongoing to get a second site up and running in west Essex
  • PCN sites still vaccinating the priority cohorts
  • These patients will continue to be contacted by their GP
  • CCG staff should all have received an email inviting them to book a vaccination at PAH
  • Click on the link in the email from Christine Brown – sent on Friday 22 January

Local update – Ian Tompkins

  • Thank you to Jennie Knight for her hard work on staff vaccinations
  • Reminder to review your individual risk assessment forms with your line manager by Friday 12 February
  • Pushing for guidance on schools and half term – we will update once we have more details
  • Reminder to take annual leave – it’s important you book some time off to relax and recharge
  • Staff vaccinations – please let your line manager know if you have had your COVID vaccination, whether this was at PAH or at your GP or vaccination centre
  • January’s CCG Board meeting has been cancelled. This was due to be held this Thursday (28 January). We have publicised the cancellation on the CCG website and also shared details in the staff newsletter. If anyone has questions to put to the Board, please email the Comms team. They will keep a note of the questions for the next meeting, which is scheduled for March. Please do share this with colleagues, friends and family if they ask. There will be a joint private Board with the other two CCGs on Thursday (28 January).


  • Sue Massey, Mid-week mindfulness sessions – the next session is taking place tomorrow on MS Teams via staff room channel (Wednesday 27 January), we encourage everyone to join!

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