Staff briefing roundup

Welcome – Rob Gerlis

  • This week, the staff briefing began with a one-minute silence at midday to mark the Marie Curie National Day of Reflection – one year since the start of the first lockdown.

General update – Peter Wightman

Stephen Fry

  • Stephen offered an update on the status of completed vaccinations in Hertfordshire and west Essex. Reporting of vaccinations now lists all categories, down to 18 years olds.
  • There are a large number of people being vaccinated in the eligible cohorts.
  • The situation is different from last week when Hertfordshire and west Essex was not performing well in the East of England region in terms of completed vaccination. This has now changed as we are receiving a larger number of vaccines. We are now third or fourth in the region.
  • We have vaccinated almost 40% of people with their second dose and more than 30% of health and social care workers.

Peter Wightman

  • After the bookings were opened up to people aged over 50, we had reports of people not being able to book online. The message is for them to keep trying.
  • Throughout April we will be trying to vaccinate the last few people remaining in the upper eligible cohorts who may be reluctant to get their vaccine.
  • As ambassadors we need to help people with any questions they may have. If you live near someone you know may be hesitant, maybe share some information with them.
  • Incidences of COVID in west Essex are slowing. We are not yet seeing an increase as a result of children going back to school.

Louise Hall

  • PAH is struggling with numbers to A&E at the moment. Yesterday (22 March) was at 353 which is back into high numbers.
  • There is an increase in children and adults under 65 years old. It could signal children being back at school but couldn’t be sure. However, these attendances to A&E are not COVID activity.

Peter Wightman

  • There was a meeting about the new hospital with PAH yesterday (22 March). There were two key issues – capital value and land. An offer on the land has been made and we should know the outcomes by the end of March. PAH is one of eight frontline hospitals to be rebuilt, but it’s all still probable and there are no definite answers. National finances may need to be more balanced but the longer we wait the higher the capital value becomes. There are still conversations to be had about mental health beds and where they go. We had a meeting with EPUT last week to start looking into those options.
  • The Joint Executive Team had a development session recently which was very useful. We are pretty much there in terms of recruitment and are just waiting on appointment of a new Digital Director for the ICS. We also have the boundary issue, which we are keeping an eye on. In the meantime, it’s all about putting our energy into the CCGs and the One Health and Care Partnership.

Charlotte Mullins

  • Charlotte took a paper to the Transformation Board recently, which was looking into how to approach transformation and the modelling to be used. An approach modelled by North East Essex was favoured, which was about using the Outcomes Framework as a catalyst for the conversation on transformation. It’s about a new way of working but working in collaboration to deliver the objectives.

Peter Wightman

  • A Joint Board meeting will take place this Thursday (25 March), followed by separate Board meetings of each of the three CCGs.
  • Staff survey is being discussed by the Staff Partnership Group – if anyone wants to join then please get in touch with the Communications team. The group is always looking for new members.
  • Execs have been talking about the frequency of staff briefings and whether we want to keep them going each week or move them to fortnightly. We were talking about the various contributions that have been made, such as presentations, thank yous etc. Please let us know your thoughts on the frequency of staff briefing.

Local update – Ian Tompkins

  • If you had your first COVID vaccination at PAH you may have noticed your second jab appointments have been rescheduled. New appointments have been made but if you have not received a cancellation or a new appointment please email with your full name and date of birth so your appointment can be rescheduled. This email address will be included in the staff newsletter on Thursday.
  • PAH will only be vaccinating from now until 30 March and again from 8 to 14 April, so please make sure you check you have an appointment as it’s important you receive your second jab.
  • You should have received an email on Friday afternoon about COVID vaccination safety, supply and the vaccination of over 50s.
  • Carers First is holding a Facebook Live event tomorrow evening (Wednesday 24 March at 6.30pm) for anyone who looks after someone who is older, disabled or clinically vulnerable. More details are available on Essex County Council’s website.
  • If you haven’t yet registered a team for the Easter quiz you have a few days left to get a team together. Email the Communications team with your team name, captain and names of team members. Quiz starts at 7.30pm on Thursday 25 March.
  • Take some time out tomorrow 12.30pm to 1pm and join the Mid-week Mindfulness session. Go to Microsoft Teams and click on the Teams icon in the left-hand column. You can join on the Staff Room channel by clicking ‘join’ at 12.30pm.

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