Staff briefing roundup

Here’s a summary of what was covered in today’s staff briefing…

Andrew Geldard

  • The NHS COVID situation has calmed significantly
  • No statistics this week from NHS
  • Number of deaths reported in England was down to 15
  • Regarding the overall COVID-19 incident – the numbers continue to drop
  • Government announced that shielding individuals can stop isolating from 1 August 2020
  • Expecting some form of announcement from the government around changing the 2m social distancing rule to 1m
  • One metre social distancing rule will enable the hospitality industry to restart from 4 July 2020
  • We have decreased from national incident level 4 down to level 3
  • National NHS emergency incident still remains at a level 4 – all powers invested in NHS are continuing
  • No further guidance about NHS returning back to work except hospital staff – admin can return if social distancing measures in place

General work of CCG

  • There are three major items that need to be delivered by end of September:
    • New community contract – preferably with EPUT for variety of community services; we are hoping to get to an agreement by end of September 2020
    • Herts Urgent Care (HUC) contract – issues with this contract as it includes GP extended access service. This service is to be transferred to the primary care network at the end of year
    • One Health and Care Partnership – plans about stepping this up for a go-live date by end of September. Agreed with PAH tentatively the go-live date for contractual issues will be 1 April 2021
  • There is still a big unknown around a second wave with easing of lockdown restrictions

Ian Tompkins


  • Test and trace remains the heart of strategy to deal with COVID-19, it is an integral part of any future outbreak management
  • Mobile testing units across Essex continue to work very well – 200-400 tests preformed at each location per week

Antibody testing

  • The aim is to open online booking for NHS staff in west Essex from 29 June
  • No clinical reason for the antibody test – it is to collect evidence and observe the spread of the virus
  • Antibody tests are booked on a self-referral basis and are not mandatory. They will be offered to everyone
  • Systems and governance is taking some time
  • Opening up onsite testing at St Margaret’s with EPUT
  • We are looking into enabling GPs who have phlebotomy capability to carry out antibody tests on their own staff
  • More information to be circulated when the booking system goes live
  • Working to test from frontline backwards then to CCG staff afterwards

New ways of working

  • Individual risk assessments have been sent out to directorates
  • Everyone to complete individual risk assessments with line manager
  • New COVID-19 pages on intranet will be live today or tomorrow – it will contain easy to read information about working at the CCG and at home
  • The report on the full risk assessments of CCG building can be found there
  • Working from home – following government guidance to continue working from home unless you cannot
  • Still in process of getting CCG ready for people to come back and work in the office
  • Still waiting for permanent stock of hand sanitisers – in high demand
  • We will be looking at how best to carry out decluttering of offices this week – we will be identifying things that need to go into storage or to be thrown away
  • We will be inviting staff in to declutter by directorate – we may tie visits in with antibody testing dates – more information on this to be circulated later this week

Any other business

  • Quiz night – seven teams battled it out for two hours on Microsoft Teams at the CCG’s first virtual family quiz night
  • Winners – the Quaranteam, led by Naomi Brooks. Congratulations to Naomi and her team: Lara Segovia, Lucy O’Shea, Dr Christine Moss, Dr Hemali Parekh, Dr Sarah Crane and Maggie Pacini
  • Well done everyone and thanks for taking part – we look to do this again in the future
  • Jeneva Allison’s last day at the CCG
  • We welcome Kamaljit Kaur as our new HR Business Partner

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