Staff briefing roundup

Welcome – Rob Gerlis

General update – Peter Wightman

  • Attended the Audit Committee meeting today
  • The Finance team were singled out and praised for their hard work, particularly whilst working remotely
  • The One Health and Care Partnership Board met yesterday. District councils had lots of good ideas about A&E admissions
  • Mental health was discussed in depth at a recent GP meeting
  • The next CCG board meeting takes place on Thursday 25 March

Vaccination update

Peter Wightman

  • There has been a big step up in vaccinations
  • West Essex has got a little bit behind, but we expect this to even out in time to meet the April deadline for the over 50s
  • Current controversy over European veto of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine does not appear to have affected attendance. The ICS Communications team is working on a response to this

Rob Gerlis

  • The COVID infection does carry a risk of blood clots, so not having the vaccine puts people at greater risk

Stephen Fry

  • Latest position is 67 per cent of people have now had their first dose
  • Early cohorts now beginning to get second vaccine
  • Overall expectation is the mid-April target of all those in cohorts 1 to 9 having their first dose by mid-April will be achieved

Peter Wightman

  • Reminder all staff should inform HR when they have received their vaccine
  • 75 per cent of staff have now had their first vaccine

PAH update – Michelle Bullman

  • COVID numbers have dramatically gone down
  • A lot of focus is currently on ambulance handover delays
  • Attendance numbers were around 200 to the Emergency Department (ED) but on Monday this shot up to 335
  • PAH has shared their urgent recovery plan and a meeting has taken place to discuss this
  • COVID has disrupted normal routines but staffing has improved significantly, apart from a continued issue in ED

Local update – Vanessa Moon

  • Reminder to sign up for the Easter quiz on Thursday 25 March at 7.30pm
  • Email the Comms team if you’d like to sign a team up

Staff survey results – Agnes Annan

  • The breakdown of the results are now live on AskHUE for everyone to view
  • Overall, the results were very positive
  • 81 per cent of staff members responded to the survey
  • 62 per cent of staff said they are not thinking about leaving the CCG
  • Many of the results were better than the national average with work still needed in certain areas
  • The Staff Partnership Group (SPG) will now develop an action plan to address the less positive points and areas needing improvement
  • All staff are actively encouraged to take part in the SPG if possible or send a representative from their department who can cascade the information to others

Rob Gerlis

  • We now need to debrief and to go through it in detail
  • Overall, it does seem to be an improvement, particularly with such a high level of response
  • Despite this being a very fluid time, it is reassuring a high percentage of staff want to stay
  • The format of virtual meetings, like this one, does seem to be working well. Staff seem to be more confident in speaking up and putting comments in the chat during these types of meetings

Peter Wightman

  • A personal thank you for everyone who has been involved in this
  • The results are something to celebrate

Anurita Rohilla

  • A big thank you to the SPG for all the work they have done to introduce new ideas and initiatives for staff, such as mid-week mindfulness and mental health first aiders

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