Staff briefing roundup

Here’s a summary of what was covered in today’s staff briefing…

Rob Gerlis

Executive recruitment

  • West Essex and Hertfordshire STP recently been designated by NHS as an Integrated Care System (ICS)
  • Still not a body with legal entity; organisations within ICS are still sovereign entities
  • Three CCGs are working much closer together – in some aspects collaboration has been magnified by COVID-19 crisis
  • Dr Jane Halpin is the Joint Accountable Officer(AO) for ICS and ICS lead
  • We are in the process of sorting out a single management team – first stage was to have three executive posts
  • Joint AO, Director of Finance and Director of Nursing across the three CCGs
  • We should have Managing Director/lead of each CCG – agree autonomy within locality but accountable to AO Dr Jane Halpin
  • Recruitment for three executive posts are going ahead – interviews are next week
  • Post should be filled by the end of next week – more info at next staff briefing
  • Not a fixed timescale as to when next stage is going to happen
  • Will ensure everyone is kept up to date with any changes

Andrew Geldard – Regional update

  • We appear to be getting back on our feet as a country
  • Non-essential shops are now open
  • There is some degree of clarity on education sector
  • Next debate in government will be regarding the changing the 2m social distancing to 1m
  • Key issue around this is whether any of this will bring a second wave
  • Total number of beds occupied by COVID-19 in the East of England – 291
  • This compares to peak bed usage across East of England of 1400
  • 39 ITU beds occupied by COVID-19 patients
  • East of England has had 11 new COVID-19 admissions in last 24 hours

Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH):

  • 3 patients with oxygen therapy needs
  • No new COVID-19 admissions for 3 weeks , as at yesterday
  • 50% occupancy
  • 4 hour waitperformance is good
  • Pressure is coming out of the system
  • Will see how the relaxing of lockdown will have an impact on this
  • Heading towards good position nationally
  • CGG – beginning to operate normally
  • Governance up and running
  • Waiting for further national guidance regarding working from home
  • Preparing the CCG building for reintegration back into the office e.g social distancing markings, hand sanitisers etc.

Ian Tompkins

  • Test and Trace is up and running
  • Numbers of those being tested at Stansted site has decreased
  • Increase in mobile testing and home delivery testing kits – these numbers have remained consistently the same
  • Mobile testing – approximately 250-300 people getting tested per week

Antibody testing

  • To be offered to all NHS staff including CCG staff members
  • PAH has offered testing to their staff
  • It is on a self-referral basis and not mandatory
  • Test will show whether you have positive, negative antibodies or if the test needs redoing
  • So far completed 1,000 tests of staff
  • Positivity rate is around 20-25% – doesn’t show herd immunity
  • Still need to stay alert to stay safe
  • Working on a booking system – staff to book as citizens not patients; hoping for solution by end of week
  • Open up testing once PAH staff have been done – around 29 June
  • Priority staff will be tested first g. frontline and community GPs and nurses
  • Mid to end July before actual booking is confirmed
  • Testing will be done at St Margaret’s to start with
  • We are looking at other locations across the area

Returning to the CCG

  • Working from home – following government guidance to continue working from home unless you cannot
  • Risk assessments have been carried out – this will available on AskHUE and our website
  • Will be launching individual risk assessments – to take into account all individual circumstances
  • Publishing easy read guide to working safely at work and home – ready by the end of the week on AskHUE
  • Any staff wishing to pick up monitors and chairs – Please inform us in advance via the Comms inbox and report your presence at reception with Jackie
  • Still waiting for permanent stock of hand sanitisers
  • Decluttering of offices – we will need to take some chairs out, clear desks and putting all personal stuff in pedestal

Delphine Garr

  • There is a new Restart. Rethink. Time to Learn newsletter – distributed every Monday
  • New Time to Learn webinars designed especially for staff
  • Feedback from last course was very positive – we encourage you to book
  • All details will be on AskHUE

Any other business

  • BAME articles from NHS London colleagues – will be shared on AskHUE
  • WE CCG channel – virtual staff quiz night – numbers are low, please register!

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