Staff briefing roundup

Welcome – Rob Gerlis

General update – Peter Wightman

  • Epping Forest and Harlow in Tier 3 – Uttlesford and Herts are in Tier 2 as we are above national COVID average
  • Tier 3 – All pubs, restaurants and bars have to close and offer takeaway services along with more restrictions visit GOV.UK
  • PAH – Lisa Gosling
  • Large number of COVID positive patients – approx. 90 as of Monday
  • Intensive care beds for COVID positive
  • Limited COVID capacity – opened forth COVID ward today
  • Main issues are around patients on the amber pathway
  • Some patients have been transferred to community to create more capacity
  • Pressures around staffing
  • ED very busy – we have patients in corridors
  • ED team lost one of their staff members to COVID – lots of staff off due to mental health and COVID – We are trying to support staff as much as we can
  • David Wallace – Care Homes
  • Concerns around a particular home – six staff COVID positive and three COVID deaths in one home – once more information is available we will share
  • Vaccine programme updates – Josephine and Claire
  • Vaccination programme started in Stansted this morning
  • Harlow PCN vaccination at Lister Medical Centre is starting tomorrow
  • Epping Forest North vaccination at Spencer close is starting tomorrow
  • North Uttlesford – starting Saturday
  • Loughton, Buckhurst Hill and Chigwell – starting Monday
  • 4,500 patients vaccinated by middle of next week
  • 975 people for each site due to limited supply – over 80s population first
  • Vaccination cannot be transported, trial happening nationally this week to see if it’s appropriate for care home residents who are next
  • Next to be vaccinated are NHS and social care staff
  • All areas asked to invite care home workers and high risk GP staff to be vaccinated if there is any likely to be left over to avoid wastage
  • We will be looking at how many used that day to plan ahead
  • Supplies are for two doses for first group of patients
  • If you have been emailing the team – we will get back to you, it has just been very full on
  • Key comms messages to the community – number one is the public shouldn’t call their GP surgery for the vaccine, they will get an invite
  • Message number two is the safety of the vaccine – it is a tested vaccination designed for this purpose and people shouldn’t be concerned about the safety
  • Vanessa Moon – Stansted vaccination today (15 December)
  • People were very excited, arriving early, there was a steady flow and things are running very smoothly
  • COVID national and regional statistics (to come)

Simone Surgenor – procurement and waiver processes

  • Please speak to Sarah Beaumont about the waivers as audit committee is keeping a watch

ICS – Dr Jane Halpin

  • NHSE&I released a paper on system development – flagged a number of potential downstream changes
  • Three main areas – proposed possible legislative options – changing statutory basis of ICS’ – create ICS as statutory part of NHS family
  • Reality is CCGs in their current form will move to be an ICS with additional aspects from NHSE – board structure would change and replaced by different board – fewer clinicians overall
  • Developing place based partnership
  • Tried to be clear they do not see this as anything that requires reductions in staff numbers
  • We are taking forward this change agenda that we need the staff we currently have – may need to work in different ways or in new teams
  • Paper is for an engagement exercise rather than formal consultation – invited people to comment no later than 8 January 2021
  • Seek to legislate option 2 for April 2022
  • Peter Wightman – NHSE won’t be direct commissioner anymore – it will be the ICS

Local update – Ian Tompkins

  • School children to be tested in high rate infection areas
  • Deployment of lateral flow testing
  • Key worker testing facility – last day today due to introduction of vaccination PCN Centre
  • If you are symptomatic and need a test please book one online


  • Staff Quiz – Prizes to be won for the winning team! We have six teams and it’s not too late to join
  • Midweek Mindfulness – 20 people and found it very positive! We will keep it as a fortnightly session; the next one is to be scheduled for the New Year.

Your questions

Q. Are there any updates on the impact of EU Exit available?

A. We have a number of business continuity plans in place, we are waiting to see what happens but we are fully prepared as a health service.

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