Staff briefing roundup

Here’s a summary of what was covered in this week’s staff briefing…

Welcome – Rob Gerlis

Peter Wightman

  • Boundary issues – papers are going to the secretary of state about this
  • National guidance relating to ICS transition is yet to be finalised
  • PAH pressures have been high over the weekend, mixture of demand and staffing related – working with PAH to support
  • National staff survey – there were three areas where we were best in the region
  • Reminder to everyone you can take your birthday off as part of the NHS’s thanks to everyone for all of your hard work during the pandemic
  • Stephen Fry – incident data
  • NHS staff – reluctant groups now coming forward for jab
  • Nearly 60% of over 30s have been vaccinated
  • Ian Tompkins – ward data
  • Harlow uptake is 10% lower
  • On Saturday, between 9am and 5pm (apart from 1pm to 2pm), we have a walk-in Pfizer vaccination clinic for people who live within walking distance from Lister Medical Centre Vaccines will be given to everyone aged between 18 and 39 on a first come, first served basis. We’re asking people to bring proof of address as we’d really like to give people living in the surrounding area the opportunity to get their first dose if they haven’t had it already
  • We are working with the council and voluntary sector focusing on these lower uptake wards
  • We plan to have a bus clinic in Bush Fair car park in Harlow
  • There is also lower uptake in Waltham abbey and Chigwell village – looking to take action in these areas
  • Working with council to publicise
  • David Wallace – we had a very small outbreak (three people) on Harold ward PAH – , these outbreaks are attributed to visitors as there were no other staff members who tested positive. The trust has doubled down on visitor restrictions

Spotlight on…

Planned Care – Dermatology

  • Grant Neofitou, Assistant Director of Pathway Transformation, and Anthony Hale, Senior Transformation Manager – Adult Pathway Transformation, shared the planned care for dermatology services – View full presentation
  • GP practices have been offered dermatoscopes (a hand-held visual aid device that is used to examine and diagnose skin lesions and diseases, which will enhance the benefits)

Cancer – Cervical Screening

  • Iolanda Cuomo, Cancer Campaign Manager, Emma Harnett, Macmillan Primary Care Nurse Facilitator, and Micaela Bubb, PCN Cancer Screening Co-ordinator, share their cervical screening campaign to increase uptake of screening. – View full presentation
  • Practices are Harlow PCN but we are working with Loughton and plan to roll it out to a wider set of practices
  • Whether there will there be self-testing is unknown
  • There has been a 25% uptake in hard to reach population

Local update – Ian Tompkins

  • If you haven’t already then take a break tomorrow lunchtime and join midweek mindfulness, which is on at 12.30pm. You should have a diary invite in your calendar for this – if you don’t please email the comms team
  • We’d like to remind all patient-facing staff who have returned from a red or amber list country to complete a risk assessment on returning to work
  • Congratulations to Steff and her partner on their wedding last week!

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