Staff briefing roundup

Here’s a summary of what was covered in today’s staff briefing…

Rob Gerlis

  • Interviews for the Clinical Director for ICS are taking place on Friday
  • Rob will be representing west Essex CCG on the stakeholder panel
  • Outbreak plans discussed at the Health and Wellbeing Board – west Essex has a fairly good handle on this at the moment
  • Will be looking at the threshold, will not be reporting every single one
  • Where there is an outbreak – endeavour to ensure comms go out to GPs before media report
  • Outbreak information will probably come from Public Health straight to CCG

Peter Wightman

  • Data remains good in terms of current status of infection rates
  • Some regions across the east of England are on watch for outbreak potential – west Essex is not on this watch list
  • Hillingdon hospital is closed – due to staff infection rates
  • Outbreak plans are being discussed, waiting on council for next step but we are creating our own plan
  • Two of three membership meetings with the ICS team have gone ahead – good feedback from practices
  • Looking at the dilemmas and priorities and working through these with practices
  • Working through series of meet and greets with district council executives – to help build those relationships
  • First virtual Time to Learn was successful – we have had some constructive suggestions but generally worked really well
  • Looking at some key clinical messages we want to get across to our GP colleagues
  • PAH development discussion on future clinical models:
    • Discussions around what that may include
    • 2025 deadline for the hospital to open
    • There is pressure on decisions about designs
  • There will be a GP leads meeting this evening – which Rob, Chris, Anurita lead on regular basis to help build common understanding of where we are going as CCG and across west Essex as a whole
  • There is a new Chief Executive for EPUT

Ian Tompkins

  • Outbreak – what constitutes an outbreak, effectiveness of testing
  • Resilience forum has a an exercise around outbreak plan
  • Face masks will be compulsory in all shops/supermarkets from 24 July
  • Face mask are required for hospitals but not needed in office environment
  • There are some exemptions from face masks – we are looking into the details of what these are exactly
  • Individual risk assessment – line managers need to send completed risk assessments to Kamaljit Kaur by midday on Friday 24 July.

Working from home

  • Government guidance remains the same – need to be prepared for when the guidance does change
  • Working to declutter offices – if you have an antibody test booked, use that as an opportunity to come in and declutter your desk
  • Ideally would like everyone to declutter as soon as possible
  • You can come in at a time suitable for you but please inform us of your presence in advance
  • Bags to store your belongings will be provided via Jackie/Debs
  • Archive boxes will be provided – we are making the arrangements for storing these
  • Any questions on what should and shouldn’t be archived – liaise with your manager
  • There are stickers on furniture that need to go due to health and safety (e.g. fans) – we are looking at alternative arrangements
  • Looking at the cleaning contracts
  • Sanitisers gradually being installed
  • There is a short video on how to work safely in the office coming soon, so watch this space
  • How to work safely at home – include a piece of the etiquette to follow on MS, Zoom and WebEx
  • Using Zoom for virtual training – not to be used as of yet but will confirm with Alan Hicks
  • Training for MS Teams will be available soon – Alan is arranging across the next couple of weeks – training aims to unlock all different features of MS Teams
  • Apprenticeships are available – access to finance training courses etc.
  • We fund and support this type of training – email Delphine or Averkios for more information
  • We encourage you to book an online training workshop. ‘Coping with change and uncertainty ’webinar is going on tomorrow – book via ESR or further info on AskHUE
  • We welcome new members for our Staff Partnership Group – please contact Steff Monk if you would like to join

Antibody testing

  • Antibody testing is up and running
  • You are invited to take up this opportunity – not compulsory, there are research projects linked to the outcomes
  • 1,000 tests have been completed across west Essex

Any other Business

  • John Leslie completes his period as interim finance director this July
  • His last working day is End of July but he will be on leave from Friday 17 July.
  • Wishing John the best and passing a warm thanks for all the hard work
  • Skype for business is being de-commissioned – we will be using Microsoft Teams only
  • Details around the future use of WebEx will be confirmed at the next meeting

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