Staff briefing roundup

Here’s a summary of what was covered in yesterday’s staff briefing…

UK picture (Andrew Geldard)

  • We are well over the COVID-19 peak as the daily death numbers have been decreasing. There have been fewer than 300 daily deaths, including deaths in care homes, compared to 900 per day during the peak
  • During the peak, the East of England had 1,600 people in hospital beds Figures from 11 May now show just over 900 people
  • Although the death rate is going down, there is still a high volume of patients going through hospitals
  • We have passed phase 1, where we were gearing up for the peak
  • We are currently in phase 2, which is between now to the end of July
  • Nationally, we are preparing to see the beginning of a lift of the restrictions
  • During phase 3, between August 2020 and March 2021, we will be planning for potential future waves. Details to be confirmed
  • Phase 4, from 1April 2021, is when we will aim to get back to the NHS that is in line with long term plan

Reopening the CCG

  • Trying a phased reopening of the CCG in two or three weeks’ time
  • Taking into account people’s needs e.g. childcare, family members at risk, BAME etc
  • Looking to prioritise those who are finding it difficult to work from home
  • CCG could have 70 people safely back to work; ensuring social distancing measures are followed
  • Looking into having possibly 25-30 people distributed across the four buildings, as part of the phased return
  • We are sending out a questionnaire to staff on working from home – based on responses we can formulate our ideas better
  • Who comes back to work and how will be led by how colleagues feel about coming back to work and any anxieties and issues they may have in doing so. We would encourage people to speak to their line managers with any concerns
  • Still waiting on guidance on the safest ways to reopen the CCG
  • We are seeking professional help regarding infection prevention control, health and safety in the workplace
  • We are planning on undertaking risk assessments for all members of staff
  • There will be several measures in place to ensure health and safety of staff – hand sanitisers across all the buildings, perspex screens on reception, signage etc

Next phase NHS (Toni Coles)

  • Maximising and returning to normal work levels as soon as possible
  • Create COVID-19 free and COVID-19 areas where possible
  • A focus on stepping up on the urgent and the semi-urgent pathways first
  • Gaining and maintaining public confidence in accessing NHS services is paramount
  • ED activities at PAH have increased by 200 in comparison to 90; we want to maintain this momentum
  • Our approach is to build on work that’s been undertaken in response to managing COVID-19
  • Undertake an immediate review of urgent and semi-urgent pathways
  • Anticipate the increase in demand and prioritise support for high risk, vulnerable and shielded childre

Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust

  • Already created separate COVID-19 and COVID-19 free areas within hospital
  • For outpatients appointments – majority will be non-face-to-face
  • PAHT will continue working with Rivers Hospital to support non-covid19 activity

EPUT Community (out of hospital)

  • Continue to support care homes, developing end of life pathways
  • Home-based rehabilitation services
  • Care co-ordination and patient flow advancing

Primary Care

  • Continue virtual triage and consultations, focusing on supporting shield patients with EPUT
  • Working with PAH to expand access to advice and guidance

Adult Mental Health and Learning Disabilities

  • Continue with 24/7 mental health crisis helpline
  • Safeguard capacity to support models of care after COVID-19
  • Continue diversion of mental health patients from ED at PAH

Children and Young People

  • Continue to prioritise support for the high risk children and families
  • Encourage parents to access healthcare services for their children
  • Plan for potential increase in referrals into the community and acute services

Children and Adolescent Mental Health

  • Group work to restart via video conferences
  • EWMHS supporting schools to support their students

Testing (Ian Tompkins)

  • COVID-19 testing still continuing across west Essex and wider Essex
  • More slots are available at Stansted site
  • Mobile testing units have opened – Harlow Football Club is hosting today until Thursday
  • Mobile testing units also open this week in Rayleigh and Clacton Leisure Centres
  • More mobile testing to occur –Basildon and Southend Airport are set to open next week
  • Home test kits are still available
  • Reduction in number of tests taking place

HR and ODL (Delphine Garr)

  • Health and wellbeing support resources are available on AskHUE
  • Resources include details on:
    • mindfulness activities, where you can try out some short guided meditation videos
    • free 1:1 financial awareness and wellbeing sessions
  • Look out for more details on AskHUE coming soon about webinars you can join on financial wellbeing

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