Staff briefing roundup

Here’s a summary of what was covered in today’s staff briefing…

General update – Peter Wightman

COVID national and regional picture

  • National alert remains at level 3
  • R number for East of England is 0.7 to 0.9
  • Further relaxation of lockdown measures for England have been postponed and face coverings became mandatory in more indoor settings from 8 August
  • Regional restrictions for Greater Manchester, East Lancashire and West Yorkshire have been extended to Preston. Local restrictions also remain in Leicester – to be reviewed 14 August
  • Nationally, new cases detected by testing have risen over the past two weeks, with 816 reported across the UK on 10 August
  • Patients admitted to hospital is not currently rising – 7-day average was 57 for England on 5 August
  • Estimated patients in hospital continues to fall – down to 647 for England on 10 August
  • Daily deaths decreasing with 21 reported on 10 August
  • Hospital occupancy – 53 patients were in hospital within the East of England on 10 August – 8 on ventilators

Essex picture

  • In the last 14 days (26 Jul – 8 Aug) – 113 positive cases in Essex:
    • At least one reported in each district
    • Highest rates in Epping Forest with 19 positive cases, Harlow has 8 and Uttlesford has 4. Chelmsford reported 16 positive cases
  • There were no reported deaths in an Essex hospital w/e 9 August. Total remains 1,326
  • Care homes:
    • ONS reporting of care home outbreaks is suspended until 3 September
    • As at suspension on 23 July, 44% of homes had reported outbreaks across Greater Essex
    • There were no reported COVID-19 related care home deaths w/e 31 July
    • Total remains 341 deaths
    • 3 of 191 deaths were from COVID-19 w/e 24 July
    • All-cause deaths have returned to normal levels
  • Phase 3 national guidance plan – view Peter’s full presentation and supporting document
  • Further letter came out regarding the role of PCNs – clinical directors need to be at the forefront of this
  • Emphasis on meeting face-to-face GP appointments – finding a balance between virtual and face-to-face
  • Ensuring the vulnerable don’t get lost in this process

Local update – Ian Tompkins

  • Testing is still available here at St Margaret’s, Epping and across GP practices
  • Antibody testing still available to book– details are on AskHUE
  • Now focusing on community dentists, pharmacists, optometrists, social care, care homes and domiciliary workers
  • If you have a positive test – it is not a COVID free pass, you should still be cautious and careful – these results are helpful for the science of mapping etc
  • Flu vaccinations – eligibility has doubled in Essex – vaccinations are to complement what is in place alongside primary care
  • Alongside flu, there’s the potential COVID vaccination – which we’re hoping may become available by end of the year
  • The office risk assessment is being updated – this will be available on AskHUE early next week
  • We’re also working on a risk assessment for staff who regularly visit or work in other building/settings, such as hospitals, care homes etc
  • We need to develop a local People Plan – we’re working with EPUT, ECC, PAH, PHE to develop this – keen to involve the Staff Partnership Group and all staff in general
  • Repeat risk assessments – may need to be carried out again mid to late September – given schools may be back in then, circumstances are likely to change for many staff members with children
  • Staff workplace questionnaire – we may also look at sending out another survey in September, so you can let us know how you’re feeling about returning to the office
  • Decluttering building – made good progress
  • There will be a deep clean of all buildings across 20 and 21 August – nobody should be in the buildings on these dates – please email Ian if you have an queries about this
  • We will be removing all blinds from the offices and putting transparent films on the windows instead. This will be carried out on 24 August
  • Negotiating new cleaning schedules that are in line with the COVID government guidance
  • Looking to get keypad system
  • We’ve replaced all bins with foot pedal bins
  • Hand sanitisers are now available across all buildings
  • Buildings should be safe to return to by end of month, depending on whether the Executive committee agree it is safe to do so
  • There will be a mixture of home and office working going forward
  • Headsets – we have a supply of these. If you need a pair these are available to arrange for collection
  • Windows 10 migration – planning to resurrect programme w/c 24 August
  • All faults with IT – please report to IT help desk
  • Do not move furniture around buildings
  • If you need to take any equipment away please informing managers and Jackie Hall

Cycle to work scheme

  • CCG buy the bikes and you have a HP agreement either a year or 3 years – can be longer
  • It is offset from your payroll each month and at the end there is a balloon payment
  • Overall you get a better saving than 10%
  • You need to make sure you insure the bike – if it’s lost or stolen you will still need to make the payments
  • Find more information on the Cycle scheme on AskHUE

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  1. Helen Biss says:

    You mention that all the blinds are being removed and replaced with transparent films. Could you confirm that this will be anti glare as the blinds help stop the sun reflecting on the PC monitors. Thanks

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