Staff briefing roundup

Welcome – Rob Gerlis

General update – Peter Wightman

  • Avni Shah, who was Interim Director of Commissioning for Herts Valleys CCG, is taking up the post of Director of Primary Care Transformation for the ICS, with effect from 1 December. We will share more information about Avni on AskHUE and in the staff newsletter on Thursday
  • Interviews for the post of the Director of Performance will take place next week. It’s the last of the director vacancies to be filled for the joint executive team

COVID vaccinations

  • Delivery will be a combination of mass vaccination sites, primary care and commissioned services
  • Primary care will focus on patients with greatest need in clinical or higher priority
  • NHS staff group will have to be defined so we know who is included – frontline or all NHS staff
  • Trusts are being asked to deliver the vaccine throughout their sites
  • We are working hard to put this all into place
  • The first site on our ICS patch will be St Margaret’s. We don’t know if 1 December will actually happen or not. There are major logistical challenges to consider, including the temperature the vaccine will have to be stored at (-70 degrees). A major challenge will be staffing. We need people in Band 3 and 4 roles, as well as clinical Band 6 roles. We are also asking people to volunteer
  • Mass vaccinations, if starting early December, will run through to the end of March 2021 depending on availability

Moonshot – Essex has been chosen as one of the places to roll this out. We are waiting for more details from public health to support this

ICS (Rob)

  • There’s an acknowledgement we are moving towards April 2022 for joint CCGs. It’s a real opportunity for GPs to work together. We met with the PCN leads from all three CCGs across the system to talk things through
  • There’s a great willingness to want to learn from each other. Good things are happening in all parts of the system, particularly in west Essex
  • We can talk about the One Health and Care Partnership (HCP) positively. We should be proud of it and of ourselves for getting to where we are with partnership working. It’s making life a lot easier for patients
  • There was a programme meeting today which talked through some of the practicalities about bringing it to life
  • Next Monday (16 November) is the next One HCP Board. Each organisation is coming together to discuss local issues. This includes east Herts GPs

COVID national and regional statistics

  • The ‘R’ rate in the East of England is between 1.1– 1.4. The rate for the UK is 1.1 to 1.3
  • The number of cases detected by testing in the last two weeks is 21,350 in the UK on 10 November, with a seven day average of 22,786 on 6 November (up from 22,239 on 31 October)
  • The total number of patients admitted to hospital in England has increased to 1,319 in England on 7 November, with estimated patients in hospital in England at 11,520 on 9 November
  • Daily deaths at 194 on 9 November
  • All districts in Essex had multiple positive cases in the last seven days
  • Highest community rates in Essex were in Brentwood at 192 cases per 100,000 population

Local update – Ian Tompkins

COVID vaccinations

  • COVID vaccinations preparation is now in full swing
  • We have been identifying sites and putting necessary arrangements in place so we can get moving as soon as a vaccination becomes available
  • One of the first sites, which needs to be ready no later than 1 December, is St Margaret’s – buildings 2 and 3 of the CCG offices at Spencer Close
  • We will be emailing everyone shortly with more details, but we are asking colleagues who currently work in these buildings to come and collect their personal effects, including items in their pedestals, by the end of Friday 13 November
  • All furniture will be put into storage


  • Over 70 colleagues have had the flu jab at Spencer Close
  • Thanks to everyone who has voted in our flu vaccination poll – so far we’ve had 32 responses with 27 people saying they’ve had the flu vaccination – either via the CCG or from the GP – and 5 people who have not.
  • If you haven’t voted on this yet please do – it’s on AskHUE – as NHS England has given us a target to meet. We need to let them know how many staff at the CCG have had the flu jab


  • NHS staff survey 2020 – there’s still time to complete the staff survey. Deadline is Friday 27 November. Please check in your junk folder if you haven’t received it. It will be from a company called Picker
  • Staff briefing updates – if anyone would like to share their department’s news during the staff briefing, please email the Comms team and they can schedule you in
  • Staff Christmas quiz – this will take place on Thursday 17 December at 7.30pm. If you haven’t already, make sure you register your team with the Communications team

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