Staff briefing roundup

Here’s a summary of what was covered in today’s staff briefing…

Welcome Dr Jane Halpin

  • Looking forward to bringing blend of experience and interest for the benefit of West Essex and Hertfordshire
  • Will be continuing to meet with colleagues – getting to know everyone

Andrew Geldard – regional update

  • Last 24 hours – only 16 COVID inpatients across East of England
  • Total number of beds occupied with COVID – 408 compared to the peak – 1,600 beds
  • PAH – 5 patients who are on oxygen therapy
  • PAH – no new admissions of COVID as of yesterday
  • Tending towards good compliance as a result of social distancing
  • Numbers of new cases continuing to drop, seeing good improvement
  • Government on next stage of management of disease – test, track and trace.If people are diagnosed with COVID – they inform  whom they’ve been in contact with
  • Continue with testing of COVID
  • Antibody testing:
  • There is still some hesitancy on the extent to which government will unlock the nation
  • 14 day quarantine for people flying into the UK
  • he government is looking at when to open pubs and restaurants and we’re anticipating an announcement on this soon
  • Further guidance on social distancing – will it be the 1 metre or 2 metre rule?
  • If the ‘r’ number starts to pick up – second wave
  • By the end of June/July – we will know if the downward trajectory continues for COVID or whether we are into second wave
  • CCG operations – no plans to come back to office yet but we are starting to get business up and running again
  • Health and care committee – meeting virtually
  • Private board development session at the end of June – the agenda isn’t dominated by COVID- 19
  • Making preparations for a virtual Annual General Meeting
  • Transformation and primary care meetings – virtually getting back on track

Ian Tompkins

  • Leading on testing on multiagency resilience forum

Antibody testing

  • There is no clinical reason, it’s more about observation/surveillance
  • Hoping to have this up and running by tomorrow or by the end of the week
  • Waiting on PAH path labs to get everything in place
  • Offered to all NHS staff over the next 4/5 weeks
  • Simple system – book appointment on app – carried out in a similar way to the flu vaccination programme
  • Staff shielding – priority is for them to continue shielding; they are not on initial list to test. When it’s safe to do so then they will
  • Still unclear how it’s going to be rolled out to the general population
  • It will be a blood test and not swab – PAH can turn around 600 per day
  • Full lab test – fingertip alternative, but not proven to be reliable

Test and trace

  • General decline in numbers of people getting tested at Stansted and Ipswich
  • Consistently seeing good numbers in mobile sites – run by the army
  • Turnaround times in labs improved
  • Seeing good numbers using home delivery tests
  • If you test positive, you will receive a call from the contact centre
  • Test and trace app will be introduced – piloted in Isle of Wight
  • Through the app you identify who you’ve been in contact with
  • GP practice will escalate and manage on specific basis
  • Messaging – relaunching campaign internally – wearing PPE when appropriate, social distancing, washing hands etc

Returning to the CCG

  • Still following government guidance on new ways of working
  • Government guidance remains staff will continue to work from home unless they cannot work from home
  • Building – basic things to put in place before they can be put to use before return
  • We need to install hand sanitisers, supply hand wipes, install perspex screen – these are in high demand as you would expect, but some items have arrived
  • There needs to be desk decluttering, updating fire doors, increasing ventilation
  • We’re reviewing our cleaning contracts to ensure a high standard of health and safety, cleaning protocols are in place
  • Staff workplace questionnaire – we had over 130 responses. It has provided us with useful intelligence and ideas around ways of working and individual concerns
  • There has been some phishing emails – if you spot anything suspicious report it to our local counter fraud manager Eleni Gill or Comms inbox

Annual Leave

  • We still encourage people to take annual leave
  • We are following government guidance which is being regularly updated
  • if you had to have holidays cancelled, you can carry 10 days maximum leave over to the following 2 years –

Dr Jane Halpin

  • Confidence in London and East of England – infection rates are reducing and fewer patients with COVID
  • Backlog is starting to clear but there is still considerable concern and anxiety on track trace compared to other countries controlling infection better
  • We are in a better position than we were a couple of weeks ago
  • Antibody testing: Generally speaking immunity is likely to be a shorter term thing, there is still a lot of uncertainty
  • There will have to be repeat testing to establish duration of antibody response to help us understand better, currently, we are a long way from knowing

Delphine Garr

  • Restart Rethink, New Ways of Working
  • Organised webinars for west Essex staff
  • Useful to support staff working from home
  • Webinars on building resilience for success, coping with change and many more
  • All the details are on the Events Calendar in AskHUE
  • We would like to hear feedback from staff on what they topics they want
  • Mind Tools is also available to use – details will be uploaded to AskHUE

Any other business

  • Cycle to work scheme – information on how to apply will shortly be available on AskHUE
  • Latest risk assessment of CCG will be put onto AskHUE
  • Virtual staff quiz night – Thursday 18 June – 7.30pm. Book the date. Form your teams and let Comms know asap!


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