Staff briefing roundup

Here’s a summary of what was covered in this week’s staff briefing…

Welcome – Rob Gerlis

Peter Wightman

Vaccination updates

  • Still a big push in equality and diversity and hard to reach groups and working with partners, such as Herts Community Trust, to increase uptake
  • Lowest cohort (over 18s) has gone above 50%, as well as over 40s for being double jabbed
  • Prevalence are 3 to 4 times higher than previous week, so we need to keep a close eye on this going forward
  • No significant change to hospitalisation within the last seven days
  • Lower vaccination uptake – possibility of targeting companies and staff working in retail
  • Ian Tompkins – we’re currently looking at other sites and working with district councils to increase uptake. Walk-in centres are a general rule. We need to push where people are unsure of the vaccine and where they can go to get reassurance and support. We’re chucking everything we’ve got at this and will have a detailed plan available tomorrow
  • Anurita Rohilla – we’re encouraging everybody to have their vaccine. If you hear why people aren’t getting their vaccine, please feedback to Anurita and Christian Jennings, so we can change our approach and adapt our comms accordingly

ICS boundary update

Expectation is that the White Paper and draft Health Act is going tomorrow and the second reading next week, but all needs to be landed nationally, so we’re still unsure which way this is going to go. As soon as we know more, we’ll bring it back to this forum

Co-ordination centre

Signing off with the consultancy group, ECC, PAH, EPUT to get this set up – this is an important step forward for us


This Thursday is the first Joint AGM of the three CCGs. The AGM is in two parts, so the first part (statutory stuff), then we’ll be doing our own local one (second part) in September

NHS73 Birthday

  • Thanks to everyone who joined in with the NHS birthday Big Tea yesterday
  • Feedback has been really good across all three CCGs
  • I’m sure there will be other events like this. It was great to step back and think about everything we’ve achieved over the past year, as well as to take a moment to realise that we’re all part of something really special

Spotlight on…

Mental health update – Jo Reay…

  • Shared the long term (5 year) plan, which shows all the workstreams of core activity – these are all our ‘must dos’ and what we’re measured against
  • Adult mental health and learning disabilities – shared what the team has achieved and next steps
  • Jolaade Olawoye is looking at the ADHD service, which was due to go live on 3 July, but there’s been a slight delay to this. The service should be fully operational by the first week in August
  • Vita Mind, the new IAPT service, went live on 3 July
  • Let Jo and Jolaade know if you need any further info
  • Presentation slides will be available in due course – watch this space!

Local update – Ian Tompkins

Vaccination clinics

  • All the large vaccination centres across Herts and west Essex are now open for walk-in jabs for the next two weeks. In our area this means Harlow Leisurezone is open for walk-ins to everyone aged over 18, for both doses of vaccine. People can still book an appointment online or by calling 119 if they wish
  • We started a pop-up Pfizer clinic at Waltham Abbey Leisure Centre last weekend. Take up wasn’t great, but we are working to give it an extra push and encourage people to take up the jab to help life get back to normal. If you know anyone who wants the jab and can get to Waltham Abbey, please do let them know
  • Vaccination staff survey – you will all have received an email this morning inviting you to complete a staff vaccination survey. This survey is being shared with colleagues across all three CCGs to understand how many staff have been vaccinated. The deadline for completion is midday on Monday 12 July. Complete the survey
  • Staff quiz – Thursday 15 July. Get your teams together and send the name of the captain and your team name to the Comms team as soon as you can
  • ICS-wide staff briefing – next week we will not have a west Essex staff briefing. Instead it will be the ICS wide briefing. We will cancel the existing staff briefing meeting for next week only and resend an invitation with a link to the ICS one in the next day or two. We will also include the link in the staff newsletter this Thursday

Find Your Active – Kelly Harman, Active Essex

  • Active Essex is a sport and physical activity partnership covering Essex, Southend and Thurrock
  • Kelly shared a presentation on the new Fit for the Future campaign which launched last Thursday (1 July). It’s a behaviour change campaign and they’ve worked with Britain Thinks to get insight. The main aim is just to get people moving more. The slides showed the five strategic priorities and also showed the six foundations for success
  • Had some great positive noise across our social channels so far
  • Would be great to get colleagues behind the campaign to encourage your contacts and communities to get involved or help get case studies to support and bring the campaign to life
  • Kelly is keen to work with us and our health and social care partners
  • Kelly concluded her presentation by getting everyone to stand up and do a short activity session. This included rolling the shoulders backwards up towards the ears to loosen up any tension, then rolling the shoulders forwards, walking on the spot, then finishing with a few stretches


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