Sharing news and information with our GP practices

Do you want to know how to include content in the GP newsletter GP Connect?

The Communications team publish two issues of GP Connect each month. They can also offer advice and guidance on the best way to produce your content.

Publication dates and content deadlines

Here are the publication dates and deadlines for providing content for the newsletter:

  • Thursday 19 September – content deadline is Friday 13 September
  • Thursday 3 October – content deadline is Friday 27 September
  • Thursday 17 October – content deadline is Friday 11 October
  • Thursday 7 November – content deadline is Friday 1 November
  • Thursday 21 November – content deadline is Friday 15 November

Submitting your content

Send your content to the Communications mailbox. Remember, the more notice you can give the better!  To help highlight what each piece of content is about and to categorise it, there is an Update template that can be filled in and returned to the Communications team.

Contact for more information

If you would like to discuss your content, please call Mica Marshall in the Communications team on ext 5854.

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