Seven out of ten….

Yes, we tricked you again – it’s another reminder to do the staff survey!

However, there are plenty of 70% stats around (which is how many of you have already completed this year’s survey).

They include:

  • 68% (so just shy, but probably now at 70%) of millenials prefer Stories on Instagram to Snapchat or Facebook ( see for more instagram facts)
  • 70% of Netflix viewers watch on a TV screen (Vox data)
  • More than 70% of you open the staff newsletter each week

Statistics aside we really do appreciate the feedback received from the staff survey.  You may have read in a recent story about the changes we made as a result of the last staff survey, one of which was the creation of the Staff Partnership Group.

Look out for your personal reminder if you haven’t completed it and if you haven’t received an email about the survey please contact Jeneva Allison.


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