Reporting COVID related absences

Guidance for the different process needed…

As we continue to live and work in post pandemic times, there are many procedures and processes which have slightly changed as a result.

One of those is how sick leave is reported for those who have a COVID-19 related illness.

ESR manager self-service should not be used in these circumstances – to ensure accuracy and people always receive full pay if they are off because of a COVID-19 illness.

Therefore once the absence is reported in the normal way to your line manager they must immediately email the HR Advisory team with the following details:

  • Staff member’s full name
  • Date absence started (and end date if known)
  • Confirmation the reason for absence is COVID-19 related (regardless of whether confirmed or suspected)

If the end date is not known, as above, managers must email the HR Advisory team to confirm this as soon as it is known.

The HR team will keep payroll informed and ensure there are accurate local records of COVID-19 related absence so the CCG can monitor absence levels on an anonymised basis.

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