Reminder to complete Equality Impact Assessments

Following the Board on 28 January 2021, a correct observation was made about how few papers being sent for approval had Equality Impact Assessments attached.

The primary function of the Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA) or the contents referenced in an EqIA –  is to determine the impact upon equality groups (and, in the NHS, health inequality groups) of a new or changed policy, function or service and in turn whether that impact is adverse, positive or neutral. It will help us as a CCG demonstrate, that we have shown due regard as required by the Public Sector Equality Duty (even if changes being proposed are urgent). This will mean decision makers have the information that they need to reach an informed decision.

This regard will need to be routinely checked – that way the decision makers can see how equalities have been considered and have shaped the design of the services etc. being proposed or reviewed. To illustrate why these checks are important – before going out to open tender the EqIA presented may warrant review and update before final agreement for the award of the contract. The first one would identify the equality elements that we want to include in the specification (the design of the service etc.), the evidence for those and how we’ve identified those needs etc. The second one, which could be an update of the first, may be where we confirm how the equalities needs will be met or if there’s any variation between what we wanted and what we’ll be getting (if the provider can’t meet some of the equalities elements) and the impact of those variations.

Therefore please can colleagues remember to ensure all relevant impact assessments: have been completed; signed off; and, are attached to your paper or proposal before a formal decision is sought.

If the change being sought is genuinely urgent, or you are unsure how to complete any impact assessment, please contact Paul Curry, the three CCGs’ Lead for Equality and Diversity. Impact assessment templates can be found on the resources and forms section on AskHUE.

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