Red nose day is back

As red nose day (Friday 19 March) approaches, there has never been a better time to make a difference, no matter how big or small. Play your part to support the most vulnerable people and communities, including many of those hardest hit by the coronavirus crisis.

How to get involved


Whatever your strengths are, you can make a difference for people living incredibly hard lives by raising money!

You can order your free fundraising pack. Whether you’re fundraising with your friends or on your own, this pack has got ideas to suit everybody.

Even if you can’t get involved in fundraising the way you may want to, you can also help by ‘donating your day’. Now that most of us are all working from home, you ask everyone from your team to donate the amount they would usually spend on travel, lunch, and a coffee for the day.

You can even stick to the classic one-time donation or subscribe to monthly donations. Donate now!

Turn on the tell!

Make sure to tune in for the red nose day special this Friday at 7 pm on BBC One. This will be a night of one-off comedy specials, live music, and money-can’t-buy prizes!

Spread the word and help make a difference however you can!

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