Queries about COVID-19 vaccinations

Find out what you need to do with public or MP COVID vaccination enquiries …

The CCG is receiving a significant number of queries about the COVID-19 national vaccination programme.

If you get a query, by phone or email, from a patient/their relatives/a concerned citizen, please follow the process below:

  • Take some details: name, phone number, email address, the query

  • If the query is simple and you have the information to answer the query, please do so. Make a note of your response and email the Patient Experience Team with all the information for logging on the Datix system

  • If you cannot answer the query, send the information you have gathered from the caller (or email) to the Patient Experience Team. The team will manage the query

  • You must send all queries raised by Members of Parliament, on behalf of their constituents, to the Patient Experience Team. The team will manage the query

Please be advised the Patient Experience Team will call/contact patients who have raised queries within one working day, but usually do so within the same day.

If you have any questions about the Patient Experience process, please contact Melanie Mavers.

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