Phone calls claiming to be from BT

Our IT provider, Arden & GEM, has made us aware of a spate of unsolicited automated phone calls.

The scam involves a pre-recorded message received via the phone from fraudsters. In these instances the recorded message claims to be from BT.

It informs the recipient their internet connection will be terminated within 24 hours due to a breach.

The recording requests the user to press 1 on the telephone keypad. This connects the call to the fraudster who will then seek to obtain personal or financial information.

Reminder: phishing or spam email advice

Here’s a reminder of the steps you need to take if you receive a phishing or spam email:

  • Do not open the email
  • Forward the email to as an attachment and then delete the email. When forwarding do not download content or images if prompted to do so
  • If you’ve clicked on a link or opened an attachment and think you may have a virus please contact the IT Service Desk on 0300 123 1020
  • If you click on an email attachment and receive a warning that a “program” or “macro” will run, do not ignore the warning and do not open the attachment.

If you have any concerns, contact the IT Service Desk on 0300 123 1020.

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