Payroll Deadlines Reminder

To help ensure staff are paid correctly on time each month, please see below details of the payroll deadlines for HR to receive starters, leavers and staff changes forms.

Period Month Expenses to be submitted HR cut-off date for payroll forms
7 Oct 2020 01-Oct-20 01-Oct-20
8 Nov 2020 01-Nov-20 01-Nov-20
9 Dec 2020 01-Dec-20 01-Dec-20
10 Jan 2021 01-Jan-21 01-Jan-21
11 Feb 2021 01-Feb-21 01-Feb-21
12 Mar 2021 01-Mar-21 01-Mar-21

Forms which have a financial impact should be submitted to the CCG’s Finance Team for sign-off to ensure that the HR team are able to process the details without delay.

Payroll forms can be submitted to Estee Virty, Claire Bushell or Selina Jassal.

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