Office 365 upgrade

Find out how to install the Office 365 software to your laptop…

You can now upgrade your laptop to Office 365 when it’s convenient for you.

The new software gives you access to the latest Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc), along with additional features such as Teams – which you are already using.

It also means you can access Office 365 24/7 from any device, as long as you’re connected to the internet.

Installing Office 365 is really easy too. There’s no need to come into Spencer Close or book in with IT – you can install it from home when you are ready. This could be at the end of the day or on a Friday before you log off for the weekend.

We’ve put together this step-by-step guide to help you find, install and activate Office 365 on your laptop.

You can also book onto some training, so you get the most out of the new upgrade and feel confident navigating the new look and feel of Office 365.

How to book onto Office 365 training

Training sessions will start on 26 April for 12 weeks, until mid-July.

Book onto Office 365 training online.

Sessions will be held on Microsoft Teams and last an hour, with 45 minutes set aside for training and 15 minutes for a Q&A. Each session has a maximum capacity of 20, so make sure you book on in good time.

By the end of the session you will:

  • have an overview of Office 365, its features and how you can use them
  • know where to go to find the online versions and desktop apps
  • have knowledge of the differences between Office 2010 and Office 365
  • have a basic understanding of the differences between cloud versus shared drives
  • know where to find additional training – Microsoft and organisational

Help and support

You can find further guidance, including some training materials, on the Office 365 upgrade page on AskHUE.

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