Office 365 upgrade to automatically take place

Overnight installation will take place next week…

Many of you will have already carried out the necessary Microsoft Office 365 upgrade over the past few months and are now enjoying the extra benefits available to you.

But if you are still yet to self-install the software, the time for the upgrade to happen automatically on remaining laptops is almost here.

The process is planned to happen overnight, during the week beginning Monday 2 August, in a bid to minimise any disruption to your work.

If you are among those still needing to upgrade you will need to leave your laptop plugged in and turned on, but you don’t need to login, when you finish work between 2 August and 13 August.

You may need to re-start your laptop on the morning after the upgrade, and then login as normal.

If your laptop isn’t upgraded overnight, the next stage will be to do this during the day.

It is also important to remember Outlook may take some time to populate. This will depend on the size of the mailbox, while shared mailboxes will download automatically although can take up to 24 hours to sync.

If you have any questions or issues email the AGEM Service team or contact the AGEM IT Service Desk on 0300 123 020.

You can still read all the information on AskHUE about carrying out the upgrade yourself if you wish to have a go at doing this before Monday.

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