Nourishing your soul this November

As Nourishing November draws to a close, our final focus for this month is about how you can nourish your soul.

Finding your inner happiness is easier than you think. You just need to learn to disconnect from the daily grind and stress of everyday life and invest a few moments in yourself.

Here are 5 things that are good for the soul

1. Listen to your favourite music

There’s nothing better than listening to your favourite music. Music has a tremendous effect on the spirit and the soul. Because of its incredible power, it can bring healing, peace, inspiration, joy, hope, and exhilaration.

Think about the kind of music that lifts your spirit and mood. Which tunes bring back great memories? Feed your soul with your favourite music.

2. Enjoy nature

There’s nothing like spending time in the great outdoors to put all life’s problems in perspective. Nature can awaken your soul and stimulate your senses, making you feel more alive. It can also quiet and still your soul, bringing you immense comfort, tranquility and peace.

3. Allow yourself to take small (or large) risks

Sometimes taking a risk means buying an item of clothing you don’t think you’ll ever wear. Sometimes taking a risk can mean meeting new people. However big or small, risks can be good for you. Taking a risk can be scary, but the payoff is often worth it.

4. Let things go

Sometimes bad things happen in life and not every day is a good day. One thing you can do though is to let these things go. Don’t dwell on what’s happened in the past or sweat the small stuff.

Painful emotions can hold a burden over you, or even cause you to be bitter and unhappy. Letting go of these things is good for you. For example, you don’t have to forgive the person who did wrong or hurt you, but more times than not, it’s best to make peace with yourself so you can move on.

5. Own who you are

For many people having the confidence to own every quirk, flaw, and part of yourself isn’t easy. Young, old, male, female, we all find faults with ourselves. And many of us consider changing things to make ourselves better.

The fact is… you’re great how you are. No matter who you are, what age, size, gender, the best thing you can do for yourself is to own that. Own your frizzy hair, large feet or freckles. It’s what makes you who you are and it’s good to be different. If you can own who you are, there’s nothing better you can do for yourself.

What do you do on a regular basis to help you feel more nourished? Post a comment below or let the Communications team know.

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