NHS Staff Survey – it only takes 15 minutes

Spend your time making a difference…

There is now just under a month left in which to complete the annual NHS staff survey.

We know the information received from this vital yearly interaction with colleagues can, and does, make a difference.

As we continue to live and work in unprecedented times, it might seem tricky to find the time to complete the survey, but it should only take up to 15 minutes.

That’s the time it takes to:

  • hang out your washing
  • do a Joe Wicks HIIT session
  • notch up a mile walking at a steady pace
  • make some cupcakes

And with new initiatives and ways of working being brought in as a direct result of spending that time on the survey it will be a good investment.

A host of ways in which we can support and improve health and wellbeing in the workplace, for example, have been successfully implemented following feedback in the staff survey.

Mid-week mindfulness, trained Mental Health First Aiders and our hugely popular family quiz nights are all a direct result of what you have told us.

So it will be well worth putting out the washing later and filling in your survey instead.

If you are yet to receive your survey, please check your junk folder in Outlook or email the HR Advisory team.

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