New video promotes the essex midwifery team

The valuable work of midwives across west Essex and Hertfordshire has been made into a heart-warming short film.

The new video, hosted on YouTube, has been developed by the Local Maternity and Neonatal Systems (LMNS) across Hertfordshire and West Essex.

It gives us a glimpse of the care and dedication of the midwives to the mums and promotes the Continuity of Carer approach they take to ensure the best possible care. It also gives a valuable insight into the work of our LMNS with families.

The video features interviews with a number of midwives and emotional footage of a mum as she goes through the process of having her baby.

Rosalind French, Head of Children, Young People and Maternity Commissioning explains it has been produced to support the work of its project team as it rolls out the Continuity of Carer approach to midwifery.

The film is the first of a package, with longer training videos to follow soon.

Take a few minutes to watch the film and see the positive impact the Continuity of Carer approach is having across Hertfordshire and west Essex.


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