Compassionate Neighbours training available

St Clare Hospice’s Compassionate Neighbours project connects local people together, to help tackle loneliness and social isolation amongst those living with a life-limiting illness, or frailty due to older age.

During the pandemic, Compassionate Neighbours has been playing a vital role within local communities, connecting people and preventing social isolation.

The next round of training for new volunteers, delivered via online platform Zoom, will begin on 9 November, with different topics being covered in separate sessions on different days, and run until 17 November. Additional training sessions have also been organised for the beginning of January, if you are unable to make the November dates. The training offers local people the opportunity to learn about the project and to become a Compassionate Neighbour who makes a difference in their local community.

Being a Compassionate Neighbour is a rewarding role, giving people the chance to make a real and significant difference to the life of a lonely or isolated individual, by visiting or phoning them for just an hour once a week.

A full programme for the training sessions can be found on St Clare Hospice’s website. For more information about the project visit: or if you have any questions please email Stacey Tower, the Compassionate Neighbours Project Manager.

If you know, or are working with, someone who would benefit from being matched with a Compassionate Neighbour (a Community Member) please make a referral using the referral form on St Clare Hospice’s website.

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