New date for your COVID updates

We hope you have found your daily COVID updates useful.

As we move forward, we want to keep the updates useful and relevant to you and only share information you may wish to know so from next week, you will receive one COVID update each week. This will be on Tuesday afternoons and include a link to the primary care briefing that’s distributed to GPs on Mondays.

The weekly staff newsletter, which you receive on Thursdays, will also continue with information on everything non-COVID related.

We’ll make sure we continue to share information with you via AskHUE, so please keep checking the site for the latest news, lockdown learning opportunities, health and wellbeing resources and much more.

If we need to share anything urgent, we’ll do so immediately and not wait until the COVID update or weekly newsletter. As always, we want to know what you think, so please do contact the Comms team with your suggestions for news and social activities. You can also comment on the stories if you have any questions or thoughts you wish to share.


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