Money, money, money

As part of Jump Start January, we have some great money-saving tips we’d like to share with you. The best part is… it doesn’t require much effort!

Blue Light Card

The Blue Light Card is an optional recognition card that can be used on the high street and online to receive discounts.

Why not save online with hundreds of retailers and venues and sign up to the Blue Light Card website or mobile app.

Monzo 1p saving challenge

The 1p Saving Challenge is a yearlong challenge that starts on 1 January 2020. It involves saving a little money every day, starting with 1p. The next day you save 2p, the day after 3p and so on. On 31 December 2020, you’ll set aside £3.65 and end up with a total of £667.95 in savings!

To do the 1p Saving Challenge with Monzo, you’ll need a Monzo account or you can do it the good old fashion way with a piggy bank.

Visit Monzo for more information or download the Monzo challenge sheet to tick off the days as you go along.

Loyalty cards

Why not earn rewards while you shop? Most loyalty cards offer to give you rewards such as discounts, freebies or perks in return for you spending your money in a specific store.

Here are some high street retailers who offer loyalty cards:

1. Sainsbury’s – Nectar Card
2. Tesco – Tesco Clubcard
3. Boots – Boots Advantage Card
4. Caffe Nero – Caffe Nero Loyalty Card
5. Costa Coffee – Costa Coffee Club
6. M&S – Sparks Card
7. McDonalds – Coffee beans/Monopoly
8. Holland and Barrett – Rewards for Life
9. Subway – Sub card
10. Superdrug – Beautycard

If you have any money saving tips we can share please email the Communications team or leave a comment below.

One response to “Money, money, money”

  1. Natasha Sharda-Kalia says:

    Just had a couple of things you could add for the saving section in the newsletter:

    I usually use two cash back sites:

    You go through the above website sear for the retailer you are after and just shop and then you’ll get some money back in 8-12 weeks

    Also, I know most bank accounts do this thing called round ups so if you spend more than £1 they will round up the change to the nearest pound and add it to your your saving pot.

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