Master the art of great working relationships

We spend a huge amount of our time at work, whether that’s virtually or actually in the office. Our colleagues play a significant role in the quality of our daily working experience. They considerably influence and impact our outlook. The truth is the state of our relationships with colleagues affects us greatly, in our ability to succeed professionally and in our emotional wellbeing. According to the organisation Gallup, people who have great working relationships are seven times more likely to be engaged in their jobs.

Today (Thursday 30 July), marks International Friendship Day!  Let’s take this opportunity to celebrate our workplace friendships. Perhaps have a nice virtual lunch with your colleagues or maybe even just send a nice message showing your appreciation for your team!

We want you to be happy in the workplace, so it’s important to build the skills to engage and interact with your team in a positive way. This is not always going to be a straightforward task. The workplace brings together a mixed bag of people, with different values, expectations, age ranges and personalities. However, don’t despair; we have a wide range of resources on Mind Tools to help you learn more on:

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