Mandatory training – time to get it done

Tick another job off your ‘to do’ list…

OK, we have to admit mandatory training may not be everyone’s cup of tea. There is too much work to be getting on with and deadlines to meet, right?

However, it’s vital you make sure your mandatory training is up-to-date – for your own workplace and professional knowledge. You will also help the CCG maintain its compliance rate. Essentially, it’s something we have to do, but it does benefit us too.

If you still need to complete mandatory training, why not set aside some time in your diary to focus on the training you still have outstanding? Login to ESR to complete it and it will be another job ticked off the list.

If you’re a line manager…

  • you can get a live update on your team’s compliance through your line manager dashboard on ESR
  • to access this:
    • connect to VPN and login to ESR as normal
    • in the upper left hand corner under ‘My Role’ click on the dropdown menu and select ‘Manager’
    • click on ‘Team Compliance’.

If you have any questions about completing your mandatory training, or are a manager and need help accessing your team’s compliance information, email the CCG Training team.

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